Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ Water Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

385 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ water cooled crescent ice machine produces up to 385 lbs of ice a day. Its low-profile body is perfect for establishments with low ceilings.

The Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ ice machine has a  stainless-steel exterior resistant to stains and corrosion. Its Cyclesaver design reduces the amount of energy needed to produce a batch of ice, which lowers utility bills for your business. The EverCheck alert system emits an audible signal if the ice machine is experiencing a problem. This informs users when they should call a technician and prevents any further damage to the ice machine.

The Hoshizaki KML-325MWJ crescent ice machine produces solid, clear, and slow-melting crescent ice, that maintains the flavor of beverages. The unique crescent design allows liquid to cascade over the cube rather than bouncing off. This ice cube design limits splashes and spills that end up costing bars and restaurants money over time.