Hoshizaki KMS-1401MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

1,420 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KMS-1401MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine has a remote condenser located away from the ice machine and a sound-muffling design that keeps heat and noise away from your customers. The KMS-1401 produces 1280 lbs of ice a day under standard temperature conditions. This is a great model for businesses with ice dispensers that see a high level of usage.

The Hoshizaki KMS-1401MLJ ice machine comes with CycleSaver technology that keeps units running efficiently at the lowest energy cost. The EverCheck alert system signals users with an audible alarm when the machine is encountering problems. This system also has a safety shutoff feature that shuts the unit down when there’s a problem to prevent further damage. It also comes with a stainless-steel evaporator plate, which is durable and can stand up to harsh cleaners to keep ice sanitary.

The Hoshizaki KMS-1401MLJ ice machine produces Hoshizaki’s popular crescent ice shape which keeps drinks tasting great and lowers costs due to product loss. Each cube is produced individually, so ice never clumps together, meaning staff can easily serve drinks quickly. The rounded shape of the ice cube allows liquid to gently cascade into glassware, limiting spills and splashes.

Compatible with the Hoshizaki SRK-14J Remote Condenser.