Hoshizaki KMS-830MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

885 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KMS-830MLJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine is part of their Serenity Series, designed to produce the most ice at the lowest volume to make sure customers and guests can relax in silence. The KMS-830 produces 810 lbs of ice under standard temperature conditions and measures 38” wide and 16” front-to-back, allowing it to fit on narrow countertops.

The Hoshizaki KMS-830MLJ ice machine is a remote condenser unit. The condenser’s hot air will stay outside of your business and away from your customers. The stainless-steel exterior is durable enough for the toughest work environment and helps prevent stains and corrosion. Each unit comes with Hoshizaki’s CycleSaver design to help limit energy output and keep utility bills low.

The Hoshizaki KMS-830MLJ ice machine produces crescent ice, one of Hoshizaki’s most popular ice shapes. Crescent ice is a great ice cube for cocktails and soft drinks alike. Each cube is solid and clear, maintaining the flavor of drinks longer than crushed or cubelet ice. Their design also helps limit costs in lost product. Their rounded, crescent shape allows liquid to cascade into glassware, which limits splashes and spills.

Compatible with the Hoshizaki SRC-8H Remote Condenser.