Manitowoc IDT-1900A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine

1,900 lbs/day

If your business needs a high production ice machine to keep up with your customer base, the Manitowoc IDT-1900A ice machine is for you. This ice machine produces up to 1900 lbs of ice a day. That’s over 60 lbs of ice an hour! Perfect for large, high-volume bars and restaurants. The Manitowoc IDT-1900A ice machine comes with a easy-Tounch touch screen display that alerts user to the status of their machine. Users can also program cleaning and maintenance reminders to keep their ice machine running smoothly. Manitowoc air cooled ice machines produce “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Dice Ice (ID) is for the perfect cube for bars looking for a high-capacity while also wanting to maintain that traditional square cube look.