Manitowoc IYF-0600N Remote Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

642 lbs/day

The IYF-0600N remote half dice ice machine is part of Manitowoc’s brand new Indigo NXT Series. This series features acoustical technology that maintains ice production even in hard water conditions. Remote systems eliminate noise and hot air typically produced by air-cooled ice machine. This system requires additional installation needs either outside of your business or in a room with plenty of ventilation. The IYF-0600N ice machine has a  antimicrobial technology that helps reduce mold and slime growth. It’s touchscreen display alerts users if it encounters an ice machine problem and allows them to set reminders for upcoming service. Manitowoc ice makers produce their unique “rhomboid” shaped cubes. Half dice ice (IY) is a slender, clear cube that makes drinks appear fuller and prevents overpours.