Manitowoc S-3300

3,200 lbs/day

If you’re looking for the absolute maximum amount of ice production, the S-3300 with Quadzilla Evaporator design is just what you need. This Manitowoc ice maker can produce a whopping 2584 lbs of ice a day under standard operating temperatures.

The S-3000’s Quadzilla Evaporator System has four high-production evaporator plates for massive ice needs. Each unit has components treated with AlphaSan antimicrobial agent to reduce contamination. R410A CFC-free refrigerant helps lower overall energy needs, giving these models 48% less global warming potential.

The S-3000 comes with either dice or half-dice ice. Dice ice is perfect for soft drinks and cocktails alike. Each cube has a classic square look in Manitowoc’s unique “rhomboid” shape. Half-dice ice is one of the most popular ice shapes on the market. These cubes are slightly narrower than dice shaped cubes, which help them displace liquid better, making drinks appear fuller.