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The most affordable and simple commercial ice machine solution is available in Wichita.  Subscriptions from Easy Ice! Businesses in Wichita deserve to know exactly how much their ice will cost them every month.  Before Easy Ice subscriptions your only choice was to buy or lease ice machines.  When you buy or lease ice machines you have no idea what expenses … Read More


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All-inclusive, affordable, and convenient subscription ice machines are available in Pittsburg! Can your corporation’s present commercial ice machine vendor in Pittsburg guarantee your company’s ice supplies?  Easy Ice will!  That is why people in Pittsburg are changing over to our No Headache, Worry F-r-e-e subscription service.  We offer a broad variety of sizes of brand-new Hoshizaki machines as well as … Read More


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All-inclusive subscription ice machines are available in Parsons, Kansas! You count on clean, healthy ice day after day for your company in Parsons. But, you simply can’t definitely rely upon your organization’s commercial ice makers. Plus they can operate worst the minute you have to have them the greatest: throughout the hot summer time months. However you can find an … Read More

Fort Scott

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All-inclusive and affordable ice machine subscriptions in Fort Scott! Does your business in Fort Scott use a commercial ice machine?  Looking after commercial ice makers is without a doubt highly priced and cumbersome, plus trying. However, not via Easy Ice! We guarantee your business’ ice source! And furthermore , our organization will include lifelong services for each of the subscription … Read More


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All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are now available in the Olathe area! Olathe businesses have been waiting for a viable solution to their ice machine frustrations.  No business enjoys spending hundreds on bagged ice during break downs, and hundreds more on repairs.  With so much happening in a business how do you keep track of your preventative maintenance schedule?  You … Read More


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Choose the simplest and most affordable commercial ice machine subscription service available in Topeka! Topeka businesses depend on ice. Regardless of whether you work at a restaurant, hotel, convenience store, hospital, hockey rink, football stadium, or work for a construction/landscape company you use ice.  Finding an affordable hassle-free option hasn’t been easy. Easy Ice is changing the game for ice … Read More