Want a better alternative to traditional ice machine rental in Hays? You’ve found it!

Give your customers in Hays a world-class experience every time they walk through your door. Start with nailing the basics, like your ice supply. Just about everybody expects ice in their drinks—whether it’s groups of friends coming back from the Wild West Festival, FHSU students gearing up for a Tigers game, or families on their way home from a day at the Aquatic Park. With a high-performing ice machine, you’ll be ready for them.

We’re happy to share our special subscription opportunity with businesses looking for a hassle-free ice machine rental in Hays.

Here’s what we’ll provide you with for one affordable monthly payment:

We designed our ice machine subscription with business owners like you in mind, because we believe commercial ice should be easy.

Buying and owning a commercial ice machine is expensive and inconvenient. On average, you’ll have to spend $3000-$6000 to make the initial purchase—and the spending doesn’t stop there. You’ll have to budget for ice machine maintenance and repairs every year your business uses the ice maker. Manufacturers strongly recommend a minimum of two deep cleanings for their ice machines per year to ensure they remain sanitized and function properly. It’s tempting to skip this maintenance to save money, but doing so will inevitably lead to dirty ice, more frequent breakdowns, and a shorter lifespan for your ice maker.

Ice machine repairs are usually much pricier than the average maintenance visit, ranging from several hundred to a thousand dollars or more. Even the most well-maintained ice machine will eventually need a part replaced or repaired due to age and use. The last thing you want to deal with is an unexpected ice maker breakdown. Telling your customers there’s no ice, going out to buy bagged ice, scheduling an appointment with your service company, then waiting around for the technician to show up? Talk about stress! But when you own a commercial ice machine, the odds you’ll face that situation eventually are high.

An Easy Ice subscription is a new and better version of ice machine rental in Hays. It’s an all-inclusive option that combines top-rated equipment with the professional care it needs. We guarantee two preventive maintenance visits a year—meeting manufacturer recommendations for their ice machines—which include deep cleaning and inspection of the machine as well as its bin and dispenser. We also cover all repairs, no matter how major, and if the ice machine ever does break down, we’ll make sure you have free backup ice while we solve the problem. Our customer support hotline is open 7 days a week, so you can access the answers and help you need in a timely manner.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in Hays rather than rent, no problem. We’re still happy to help you get what you need. We sell all the same consumer-favorite brands of commercial ice equipment that we feature in our subscription. Whatever ice type you want and however much ice per day you need, we have an ice machine model that will work for you. Call our local sales team today to start the buying process!

Looking for a trustworthy service company that can take care of an ice machine you already own? We deliver the best ice machine maintenance in Hays to both ice machine owners and our subscription customers. Our technicians will deep clean and inspect your ice maker with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence they demonstrate when servicing the equipment we own.

If your ice machine recently stopped working altogether or isn’t performing the way it usually does, don’t wait any longer to get it fixed! We take care of commercial ice machine repair in Hays all the time. Make an appointment with us and we’ll have your ice machine running like a dream again in no time!

We’re excited to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to Wichita and its neighboring communities. We also work with businesses in Salina, Dodge City, Hutchinson, Garden City, and beyond. If you’re ready to get started with the smartest commercial ice machine solution, contact us today!