Our special subscription is the best alternative to ownership and traditional ice machine rental in Garden City!

You’re lucky to serve Garden City’s diverse community through your business! Be the place your customers look forward to visiting more than any other in town. Show them perfect hospitality from the beginning to the end of their time with you, starting with the ice in their drinks.

Everybody loves an ice-cold drink, whether they’re live music lovers attending the Tumbleweed Festival, golfers back from a day playing at Buffalo Dunes, or GC Community College students taking a break from the books. With a high-performance, well-maintained ice machine, you’ll never disappoint them.

We know a commercial ice machine is a big purchase—which is why we’re excited to revolutionize ice machine rental in Garden City with our one-of-a-kind subscription!

We’ll give you access to all these features for one monthly payment:

You won’t find a better value for your money in the commercial ice machine market!

We designed our subscription to save business owners like you money, time, and stress.

Owning a commercial ice machine is expensive and time-consuming. After spending thousands of dollars to make the initial purchase, you’ll have to budget for ongoing ice machine maintenance and repairs. Manufacturers strongly recommend professional maintenance for their ice machines twice a year at minimum, and sometimes, more frequent cleanings are required due to environmental factors. On average, these maintenance appointments will cost you a few hundred dollars each time. They’re important not only to keep the ice supply consumer-safe but to prevent ice machine breakdowns.

Even the most well-maintained ice makers eventually need repairs due to age and use, and those repairs almost always come with a steep bill. The costliest commercial ice machine repairs come out to $1000 or more! Money isn’t the only thing an ice machine demands. You’ll also have to spend your time looking for a trustworthy ice machine service company, scheduling and tracking maintenance appointments, and responding to ice machine breakdowns.

It’s pretty clear that renting an ice machine is a more convenient and affordable option than buying and owning one. But not all rental options are created equal!

An Easy Ice subscription isn’t like any other kind of ice machine rental in Garden City. It’s a unique, all-inclusive option that combines top-rated equipment with the service it needs for one monthly payment. Traditional ice machine rentals usually don’t cover maintenance, repairs, or backup ice. Our subscription does!

We guarantee two preventive maintenance visits a year, which involve both inspection and a deep clean of the ice machine, its bin, and the dispenser. Repairs are always totally covered, no matter how major, and if the ice machine breaks down, we’ll make sure you have free backup ice while we solve the problem. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to take your calls, so you can always get the support you need in a timely manner.

If you’re sure you want to buy an ice machine in Garden City rather than rent one, we’re still happy to help you out. We sell all the same leading brands of commercial ice equipment that we feature in our subscription. Whether you know the exact make and model you want or you need help choosing the right ice machine for your business, our local sales team is happy to assist you. Call today to get the conversation started!

We also offer the best ice machine maintenance in Garden City to ice machine owners whether they bought their machine from us or not. Our technicians will treat your ice machine like it’s one of our own—performing the inspection and deep cleaning to the same high standard our subscription customers expect.

Did your ice machine recently stop working altogether? Don’t wait any longer to get it fixed! We’re the pros at commercial ice machine repair in Garden City. Make an appointment with us today and we’ll have your ice machine back up and running ASAP.

We’re proud to work with businesses throughout Wichita and its surrounding cities. Our subscription is also available in Liberal, Dodge City, and other surrounding areas. If you need a commercial ice machine and you’re ready to experience the Easy Ice difference for yourself, contact us today!