Our all-inclusive subscription is revolutionizing commercial ice machine rental in Hutchinson!

You can’t deliver an amazing customer experience without nailing the basics at your business. One of those basics? Ice. Your customers expect clean ice in their drinks whether they’re on their way to the Kansas State Fair, headed to the Cosmosphere, or taking a break from their studies at HCC. You need a reliable ice machine—and now, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one.

Easy Ice is transforming commercial ice machine rental in Hutchinson for the good of business owners like you. Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription does what traditional rental options don’t: keeps your ice supply so simple, you’ll hardly think about it at all.

We give you access to all of these features for one affordable monthly payment:

You won’t find a better deal on commercial ice equipment in Reno County.

Don’t settle for average when it comes to your ice supply. You deserve the exceptional experience of an Easy Ice subscription.

Are you aware of just how much money and time you’ll spend on an ice machine you buy? It’s not just the initial purchase you have to worry about—which is already intimidating considering the cost of commercial ice machines. Once you get your ice maker installed at your business, you’ll have to manage its upkeep properly to avoid dirty ice, slow production, and mechanical breakdowns. Manufacturers recommend their ice equipment—including the machine as well as its bins and dispensers—be professionally cleaned and inspected at least every six months, and some ice machines need even more frequent attention than that, due to their environment.

Those maintenance appointments can cost you hundreds of dollars each time, which really adds up over the years you’re in business. What’s even more important to budget for is ice machine repair. Even the most well-maintained ice maker will eventually need repairs, simply because of age and use, and those repairs are wildly pricey! Not only will you have to spend up to thousands of dollars on the repair, you’ll also have to buy bagged ice while the machine is out of order.

The reality of ice machine ownership makes renting a more attractive alternative, but commercial ice machine rentals often fall short of complete convenience too. Renting an ice machine usually means paying for equipment alone—leaving you alone on the hook for keeping it sanitary and well maintained.

An Easy Ice Subscription is a new and better kind of ice machine rental in Hutchinson. It’s an all-inclusive program that combines top-rated equipment with professional service for an affordable monthly payment. We guarantee two professional maintenance visits a year, per manufacturer recommendations, and will never charge you for repairs—no matter how major.

We employ the most experienced and highly trained ice machine technicians in the industry, who will deep clean and inspect the ice machine flawlessly every time. We also provide customer service 7 days a week, so you’ll never have to wait long for answers to your questions or help with your ice machine problems. If the ice machine does break down, we’ll cover your backup ice while we get the machine back up and running.

Confident you want to buy an ice machine in Hutchinson rather than rent? No problem. We sell the same, great brands of commercial ice equipment featured in our subscription. Whether you know exactly what make and model you want or need help selecting the perfect fit, our local sales team will be happy to help. Call us when you’re ready to make your purchase!

If you’re already an ice machine owner and you’re looking for a trustworthy service company, you’ve found it. We provide the best ice machine maintenance in Hutchinson to both ice machine owners and our subscription customers. Our technicians are the most experienced and well-trained in Kansas, and they’ll clean and inspect your ice machine to the industry gold standard every single time. Is your ice machine broken or not performing the way it usually does? Don’t hesitate to ask us for help! We’re the experts at ice machine repair in Hutchinson.

We’re excited to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to Wichita. We work with businesses in Hutchinson, Goddard, Valley Center, Andover, Salina, El Dorado, and beyond.