Our subscription is a superior alternative to traditional ice machine rentals in El Dorado.

Your customers expect ice in their drinks—so be prepared to serve it to them! Whether they’re on their way to a Butler Community College football game, coming back from a day of horseback riding through El Dorado State Park, or shopping on Main Street, what you need to get the job done is a high-performance ice machine. Think you need to buy one? Think again!

Our ice machine subscription is transforming ice machine rental in El Dorado for the good of business owners like you. Fewer bills, less stress, and all the ice you want—that’s what our subscription is about.

We offer all these features for one affordable monthly payment:

That’s the best value for your money you’ll find in the Kansas ice machine market.

Why spend a fortune on a commercial ice machine when you don’t have to?

Ice machine ownership isn’t cheap! Even after putting down thousands of dollars to buy your ice machine, you’ll be responsible for its ongoing maintenance. Manufacturers strongly recommend their ice machines, bins, and dispensers be professionally cleaned and inspected at least every six months, and ice machine maintenance appointments can cost hundreds of dollars. More expensive than maintenance are repairs—and every ice machine will need a part replaced or fixed eventually, even with a perfect maintenance record.

Repairs can cost anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars, and as your ice machine ages, repairs can become increasingly necessary. When your ice machine breaks down, you may have to wait a few days for a service company to come out and fix it, which means you’ll need to spend money on bagged ice for your customers. There’s no way around it: buying and owning an ice machine is significantly pricier than renting.

An Easy Ice subscription is unlike any other ice machine rental in El Dorado. It’s an all-inclusive subscription that bundles top-rated ice machines with five-star service. Traditional rental and lease options usually don’t provide anything except the equipment, saddling you with the hassle and responsibility of keeping the ice machine clean and tuned up. The last thing your business needs is an unsanitary ice machine in disrepair, so trust the experts to get it done right.

An Easy Ice subscription covers two professional maintenance visits a year, all repairs, and even backup ice should the ice machine break down. Our highly trained, experienced technicians will deep clean and inspect the ice machine every six months, per manufacturer recommendation, and keep track of that maintenance schedule for you. You’ll never have to pay out of pocket for repairs the way you would if you owned your ice machine. That’ll save you a lot of money in the long run! Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to take your calls, so you can always get the help you need quickly.

If you’re sure you want to buy an ice machine in El Dorado rather than rent, Easy Ice is still your best source for equipment. We sell the same industry-leading brands of commercial ice makers that we feature in our subscription. No matter what ice type you want or how much ice you need per day, our local sales team will match you with the perfect ice machine model. Call us whenever you’re ready to make your purchase!

Already own a commercial ice machine and need a trustworthy service company to handle its care? You won’t find better ice machine maintenance in El Dorado than what our technicians deliver. We strive to perform deep cleanings and inspections to the highest standard, both for our subscription customers and ice machine owners. Got a broken or underperforming ice machine? Don’t wait any longer to get the problem fixed! We’re always available for ice machine repair in El Dorado. Our technicians will have your ice machine running like new again in no time.

We’re proud to work with business owners throughout Wichita and the surrounding communities. Our ice machine subscription is available in El Dorado, Andover, Augusta, Goddard, Mulvane, Valley Center, and beyond. If you’re ready to get started with the best ice machine solution on the market, contact us today!