North Dakota


Hassle-free commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Fargo, ND! Businesses in Fargo depend on ice. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, extended care facilities, and convenience stores all depend on ice. Even schools and office buildings use ice.  The problem?  Making ice is expensive, unpredictable, and a huge hassle! Ever since the ice machine was created, Fargo […]

Grand Forks

Thousands of businesses around the country and in Grand Forks are switching to subscriptions for their ice machine solution! Does your Grand Forks business need a new ice machine?  Subscriptions are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing ice machines.  The only company that offers subscriptions that cover all repairs, maintenance, and Breakdown Ice […]


No capital required for commercial ice machine subscriptions in Minot.  All-inclusive and affordable! The fastest growing ice machine solution in the country is now available in Minot.  Easy Ice subscriptions are the preferred option for thousands of businesses all around the country!  Our service spans all corners of the lower 48 states. What is a […]