Northern California

Palo Alto

Need ice? Savvy businesses in Palo Alto are choosing Easy Ice over buying commercial ice machines! Companies in Palo Alto and the Bay Area need a reliable supply of ice for their customers and employees. Restaurants, hotels, office complexes, schools, churches and event centers need a dependable commercial ice machine at a fair price point. […]


Cost-effective commercial ice machine program for Napa businesses! Napa Valley is a tourist mecca with an abundance of hotels, spas, restaurants and wineries (of course!).  These businesses need ice for their customers and guests.  What’s the best solution for Napa companies that need a reliable source of ice?  Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice! […]


Need a commercial ice machine in Modesto? The smartest choice is a subscription! For Modesto companies that depend on ice, subscriptions to ice machines is a better alternative to buying, leasing or renting.  Have you owned a commercial ice maker?  If so, you understand the costs and stress due to unpredictable breakdowns.  Industrial ice machines […]


Does your Livermore company use a commercial ice maker?  Are you tired of the expenses related to owning ice machines?  Have you had enough of ice machine leases in Livermore with their extreme terms and penalty fees? Smart business owners across the nation and in Livermore are choosing our subscriptions over leasing or buying commercial […]

Elk Grove

Commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Elk Grove!  No Capital.  No Hassle.  Just Ice! Wouldn’t you like to know your monthly expenses for ice at your Elk Grove business?  Are you tired of the added costs associated with owning commercial ice machines?  Don’t you wish there was a better way to provide your Elk Grove […]


Commercial ice machine subscriptions now available in Eureka!  All-inclusive!  No Capital! Is your Eureka company in the market for a new commercial ice maker?  We have an end-to-end ice solution for Eureka business that’s better than leasing or buying ice machines! Subscriptions are the wave of the future and thousands of companies that depend on […]


The best value for commercial ice machines in Fairfield! All-inclusive, no capital! Companies and organizations in Fairfield depend on commercial ice machines.  Restaurants and hotels, health clubs and convenience stores, military bases, schools, churches and corporate facilities all have ice makers on site.  Until recently, if you needed a commercial ice machine in Fairfield your […]

San Rafael

Best value for commercial ice machines in San Rafael! Does your San Rafael business depend on a commercial ice maker?  Are you tired of unexpected repair bills and ready to trade in your old ice machine?  Don’t buy or lease a commercial ice maker!  Subscriptions are the smarter choice for San Rafael companies that need […]

Marin County

The nation’s only affordable, end-to-end ice machine solution is available in Marin County! Does your company in Marin County need a commercial ice machine on site? You may be thinking of buying an ice maker — before you buy, learn about ice machine subscriptions! Buying an ice machine is expensive and risky. You have a […]


Most affordable and dependable commercial ice machine program in Roseville! No Capital! Commercial ice machines are needed in many businesses in Roseville. Restaurants, golf courses, corporate facilities, landscapers, hotels, schools, hospitals and health clubs all need ice machines on site. So, you need ice for your customers and employees but do you really need to […]