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All-inclusive, low cost commercial ice machine program in Charleston! Is your business in Charleston in need of a new ice machine?  Don’t shell out thousands of $$ in capital to buy an ice machine!  All-inclusive subscriptions are the smartest choice for companies in Charleston that depend on ice! Subscriptions are superior to leasing or renting […]


100% hassle-free! Commercial ice machine program in Morgantown! Are you a business owner in Morgantown in need of a new ice machine? You’re probably considering buying a new ice machine and become frustrated with the cost, maintenance, and patience that requires. But have you ever thought about an ice machine subscription? Compare our subscriptions to […]


Businesses in Huntington can now have all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.  The fastest growing trend in the ice making industry! Huntington businesses need ice machines.  Hotels, restaurants, schools, health clubs, hospitals, extended care facilities, rail stations, and airports all need ice machines.  The problem is that buying or leasing ice machines is […]