Installing a Large Ice Maker for Your Business

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

Large Ice Maker
If you need over 1000 lbs of ice a day to run your business, you’ll need a large ice maker to deliver that amount of ice. The requirements for installing a large ice machine differ from that of smaller models. Large models require more space, higher voltage, and increased water flow to operate effectively. What are the Installation Requirements for ... Read More

5 Things to Watch Out for When Buying a Used Ice Machine

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101

Used ice machine
Buying a used ice machine may sound like a cost-effective way to provide ice to your business, but there are many pitfalls you'll want to avoid. Buying any piece of used equipment comes with a risk, but despite how tough ice machines look, they're actually quite delicate. For this reason, you should exhibit extra caution when buying a used ice ... Read More

Understanding the Micron Rating of Water Filters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101

Micron Rating
There are a lot of different factors you have to consider when choosing an ice machine water filter. One factor that you should consider is the micron rating of your ice machine water filter. Selecting the right micron rating for your ice machine will keep the optimal amount of sediment and particles out of your ice machine. Let’s talk a ... Read More

What is an ADA Ice Maker?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ice Machines 101

ADA Ice Maker

An ADA ice maker is designed so people with disabilities can gain access to ice without assistance. We discuss what makes an ice maker ADA compliant and the types of ADA-compliant ice machines that are right for your business.

Is a Water and Ice Dispenser Right for Your Business?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

Water and Ice Dispenser

If you’re in the market for a water and ice dispenser, you’ll be happy to know that many businesses prefer these types of ice makers. However, not all industries are built the same when it comes to ice needs. We weigh the pros and cons of choosing a water and ice dispenser.