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Ice Machine Bin Control Tips and Troubleshooting

Your ice machine bin control plays a very important role in determining how much ice your bin can hold. Most importantly, it ensures that your ice machine bin doesn’t overfill with ice and create a freeze up, which can cause costly damages.   In this post, we will cover the different types of bin control sensors, and then dive into the potential problems each can face.  […]

Ice Maker Installation: Avoiding the Dangers of Microclimates 

One of the most critical things to consider before ice maker installation is where you place the unit. Proper ice machine placement helps to increase your ice production rate and limit future problems.     One major problem, called a microclimate, occurs when hot air is confined to small space and can’t disperse, staying trapped around the […]

Ice Machine Sanitizer Prevents Hospital-Acquired Infections

Keeping a sanitary environment is essential in any industry, but it’s an absolute necessity in healthcare.  According to the CDC, about 1 in 25 U.S. hospital patients is diagnosed with at least one hospital-acquired infection (HAI) related to hospital care alone. HAIs cost hospitals in the US anywhere between 28 billion to 45 billion annually. With numbers […]

What is An Air Gap? Tips from the Health Inspector

What is an air gap, and how can you be sure you have a proper air gap installation?  If you’re running a restaurant, you know that health inspections come with the territory. Although necessary, it’s no fun when a health inspector reaches for his pen and writes you a health code violation. When it comes to ice machines, most violations are easily fixable, but some […]

Ice Maker Not Making Ice? Check Your Room Temperature.

What Happens to Your Ice Machine When Your Room Hits 100 Degrees? Ice machines perform best when they operate in optimal conditions, which generally means 70 degree air and 50 degree water temperatures. Unfortunately this is not typically the environment found in a commercial kitchen. Higher temperatures in a room will force an ice machine […]

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Cold Weather Can Affect Ice Machine Performance

Baby, it’s cold outside! Most of our customers are surprised to learn that supplying very cold water to an ice machine can cause performance issues.  Colder water extends the harvest time – the time when ice cubes are removed from the ice-forming surface.  If the water is below 45 degrees F, the ice maker may […]

Troubleshooting Hoshizaki Ice Machine Single Beep

Why is my Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping: Troubleshooting Single Beep Alarms What do you do if you find your Hoshizaki ice machine beeping instead of producing ice? If you are an Easy Ice Subscriber – the answer is simple. Call us at 866-easyice and we will take care of it! :)  If it is up to you to figure it out, here is our experience with […]

Ice Machine Cleaning – Dealing with Scale, Slime, and Mold

Death and taxes may be the most popular certainties, but for ice machine owners, scale, slime, and sediment are just as inevitable.   We’ll follow up this overview article with a deep dive on each topic with tips on how ice machine cleaning can minimize the buildup of these conditions and get rid of them once […]

Ice Machine Education is Vital to Culinary Students

Iceologist Jim Woodward, SVP Field Operations, gives us his take on working with culinary students in the National Restaurant Association’s ProStart program. Recently, I led two workshops on ice machines for culinary arts students at Nimitz High School in Irving, TX. Their instructor had scheduled these workshops believing that ice should be treated like any […]

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Easy Ice Supports Charity Golf Tournament

Easy Ice is proud to have been part of Hilton Head Celebrity Golf Tournament benefiting Children’s Charities of Low Country S.C.  Easy Ice believes in giving kids a helping hand and we are pleased to have contributed $2500 to the beneficiaries of the event. The annual golf tournament was established with the mission of helping […]