Do I Have to Clean My Ice Machine in Between Preventive Maintenance Cleanings?

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Yes.  The machine needs cleaning and attention from you for two reasons:

  1. More frequent preventive activities will protect the machine better, producing higher reliability, which will ensure you are not charged for misusing or neglecting the machine.
  2. The vast majority of bacteria and contaminants are NOT introduced by the ice machine.  They are introduced via human contamination in the storage bin.

Please see our Customer Cleaning Responsibilities page for details on what cleaning activities are required by the customer.

Subscriptions include preventive maintenance calls by our technicians every 6 months.  On these visits, we perform routine maintenance, clean the ice machine and change the water filter.

It is the Customer’s Responsibility to perform light cleanings to keep the ice machine clean between our deep cleanings!

We make the capital investment in commercial ice makers for our customers and expect they will respect the equipment.  Light cleanings must be performed routinely to ensure the ice machine and ice it’s producing are clean and safe.

A dirty ice machine can form contaminants in the ice.  No one wants foul tasting ice in their drinks!  And a clean ice machine performs better.

We take pride in the reliability of our ice makers.  That’s why our subscriptions include preventive maintenance, water filter changes and cleanings twice per year.  Yes, our technicians deep clean the ice machines twice a year, but we still need our customers to do their part.

If you have any questions about your responsibility as our customer, please call Customer Service.  Our team is available to you 24/7, any day of the year.

It’s Cool to lightly clean the ice machines regularly! 

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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