The last ice machine you’ll never own!

Amarillo businesses need ice and Easy Ice has the simplest way of getting state-of-the-art commercial ice machines into your company.

Easy Ice doesn’t lease, rent or sell ice machines.  Instead, we’ve come up with a better program that provides companies with ice machines plus all repairs, free maintenance, free water filters, free replacement ice and more for an affordable monthly fee.   Leases require long-term commitments.  Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions are month-to-month for qualified customers with no penalty for cancellation.

We have partnered with two of the best companies in the business, Reddy Ice and Hoshizaki, to bring you the best products and service available.   Our subscriptions provide businesses with Hoshizaki ice machines (made in the U.S.A.) plus all of the support you need to keep ice in the bin at all times. Hoshizaki ice bins and dispensers are available for a small additional fee.

Our customers receive twice-yearly prescheduled preventive maintenance, water filter replacements and ice machine cleanings to ensure that the ice maker is always working at it’s best.

Never see another ice machine repair bill again!

Easy Ice is a national company and we have a strong local presence for a commercial ice machine in Amarillo and the surrounding area.  If you need a commercial ice machine in Amarillo, Lubbuck, Canyon, Dumas, Brownfield, Plainview, or Levelland, Easy Ice has your solution.

Our affordable ice machine subscriptions require no capital.  Easy Ice takes the risk of ice machine ownership so you can concentrate on growing your Amarillo business.  Commercial ice makers are expensive to own and maintain.  Why take the risk when Easy Ice subscriptions handle everything for you?

We 100% guarantee our ice machines for their lifetime.  We’re able to make this guarantee because our skilled technicians handle all maintenance and repairs for the ice makers ensuring they are always running optimally. If the ice machine is broken and needs repair, Easy Ice provides customers with free food-quality replacement ice until the ice maker is fixed.  We call this added benefit Breakdown Ice.

Through our partnership with Reddy Ice, the country’s largest bagged ice manufacturer, we’re able to deliver replacement ice to our customers free of charge.  You won’t get free replacement ice if you own, lease or rent a commercial ice maker.  This is just one of the reasons Easy Ice is a better choice for ice machines than owning, renting or leasing in Amarillo.

Amarillo is a historical old west city with famous Route 66 passing through town.  Amarillo’s nearly 200,000 residents enjoy living in what’s known as “The Yellow Rose of Texas”, as Amarillo means yellow in Spanish and the city is proud of it’s botanical gardens.

Amarillo residents and visitors expect clean, safe ice wherever they go and Easy Ice is happy to fulfill that need with our ice machine subscriptions.  Schools, hospitals, restaurants, bars, caterers, corporate facilities, hotels, landscapers, convenience stores and country clubs all depend on ice and well-running ice makers.

Easy Ice is the simplest way to get a commercial ice machine in Amarillo or Lubbock businesses.