Commercial ice machines in Anaheim without risk!

You need a reliable source of ice for your Anaheim business, but do you need the hassles, stress and costs associated with commercial ice machine ownership?  The answer is no — there is no reason to spend precious capital on ice machines which are famously unreliable.  As a professional, you need to focus on your Anaheim venture, not on the health of your ice machine.

Easy Ice has the only national fully-inclusive commercial ice machine program.  We 100% guarantee our Hoshizaki ice makers for their lifetime and we take care of all repairs and maintenance.  Hoshizaki ice machines are manufactured in the USA and known for their durability and energy-efficiency.

Your Anaheim company supplies the water source and electricity, we provide everything else you need to maintain a steady supply of ice.  Easy Ice delivers, installs and maintains commercial ice machines in Anaheim so our customers can focus on what’s important — building their businesses.

If you own a commercial ice maker, you are responsible for repairs, maintenance, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice.  With our ice machine subscriptions, customers are responsible for paying their affordable monthly fee and light cleaning of the ice machine — we handle everything else!  Doesn’t your Anaheim company deserve a hassle-free, low cost ice machine solution?

Say goodbye to costly ice machine repair bills forever!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions always include all preventive maintenance and all repairs to the Hoshizaki unit.  Technicians visit customer sites once per year to perform maintenance, cleanings and replace standard water filters.  Frequent water filter replacements is key to any commercial ice machine’s performance.

Easy Ice takes the worry, risk and costs out of the ice machine equation.  Imagine being able to focus on growing your Anaheim business and increasing profits instead of worrying about where to get replacement ice if the ice maker is not working.

Leasing a commercial ice maker is typically a long-term commitment with restrictions.  Our ice machine subscriptions offer penalty-free cancellation for qualified customers and we don’t lock you into a long commitment.  Companies across the country, in Los Angeles and in Anaheim are ditching their ice makers in favor of ice machine subscriptions.

Renting ice machines often means getting a used or subpar piece of equipment.  We have partnered exclusively with Hoshizaki for our ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers.  Our customers in Anaheim and nationwide always receive a top of the line commercial ice machine with our low cost subscriptions.

We’re able to offer this affordable ice machine solution because we are a national company.  Since 2009, Easy Ice has installed over 3500 commercial ice makers across the country.  Businesses are choosing Easy Ice for commercial ice machines in Anaheim and Orange County.

For as little as $129 per month, Easy Ice can provide your Anaheim business with an ice machine that produces 600 pounds of ice per day.  We have Hoshizaki ice makers in every shape and size to fit our customers’ ice making needs.

National chains, franchises, restaurants, hospitals, convenience stores, schools and corporate facilities in Anaheim are switching to Easy Ice subscriptions for their ice machines.  Celebrity chefs Robert Irvine, Gordon Ramsay and Marc Murphy all use our ice machine subscriptions in their restaurants.  If we’re good enough for celebrity chefs, we should be good enough for your Anaheim company.

Save money and time today with a commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice!