Avondale’s only dependable, predictable & affordable commercial ice machine program.

Does your company need a new commercial ice machine in Avondale?  Don’t buy or lease!  Easy Ice has a revolutionary subscription service that’s changing the ice machine industry.

Our all-inclusive offering is affordable, flexible and reliable.  Those are not words you usually hear when talking about commercial ice makers. Our mission is the same as your’s: hassle-free ice in the bin at all times.

We are a national company and have placed thousands of commercial ice machines in business across the country and throughout Arizona.  Our buying power and partnership with Hoshizaki allows us to purchase in large quantities and pass the savings on to you.

Easy Ice customers enjoy the predictability of our subscriptions.  A flat monthly fee takes care of everything having to do with the ice machine.

A commercial ice machine in Avondale can break at the most inconvenient times, we all know that.  Our customers never stress if the ice machine is broken.  They simply call our U.S.-based customer service team and we arrange service for you.  At no extra cost! Hoshizaki parts and all labor are always included in our subscriptions.

And if we can’t get a technician to you quickly, our Breakdown Ice program kicks in.  We’ve partnered with Reddy Ice, the country’s largest producer of bagged ice.  Through this partnership we’re able to have bagged ice delivered, in most geographies, until the ice maker is repaired.  And, of course, Breakdown Ice is included in your subscription.

In areas outside Reddy Ice delivery zones, we reimburse our customers for any replacement ice they need to buy until the ice machine is fixed.  Predictable pricing.  Predictable replacement ice.  Predictable service.

Avondale gets pretty hot and companies need safe, clean ice for their employees and customers.  We’re pleased to serve all segments of industries: restaurants, hotels, schools, corporate facilities, health clubs and convenience stores, just to name a few.

Our subscriptions are superior to traditional leases and rentals.  Why would anyone want the hassles, stress and costs of ice machine ownership?  Subscriptions are the future, and we’re the first national company to rollout subscriptions for commercial ice machines.

Easy Ice is the unbeatable and completely reliable ice machine solution in Avondale.  We are the only national company with a presence in Avondale who can handle all of your company’s ice needs.