The most affordable, dependable and flexible commercial ice machine in Boston!

Boston businesses need commercial ice machines. Employees and customers need a steady supply of ice.

Easy Ice has the best offering for getting commercial ice machines into your business. Better than leasing or renting a commercial ice machine in Boston, Easy Ice has developed a revolutionary offering that gets your business Hoskizaki ice machines plus all repairs, maintenance and more at an affordable price. For a low, fixed monthly fee, your Boston business will have the most reliable ice machine — we guarantee it!

Our penalty-free termination policy (for qualified customers) is just one of the features that differentiates Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions from leasing or renting. We understand that your ice supply needs change and our ice machine subscriptions give you the flexibility you need without fear of cancellation fees or hidden costs.

Our ice machine subscriptions start at $129 per month for 600 lbs. of ice per day!

Ice maker subscriptions from Easy Ice also give you the ability to easily change to a bigger or smaller ice machine (for a one time minimal fee). Traditional ice maker rentals and leases do not give you the flexibility of an Easy Ice subscription.

You may think, why shouldn’t I just own an ice machine for my business? That’s a fair question, yet owning a commercial ice maker is much more expensive than just the cost of the ice machine. Factoring in interest fees, maintenance, cleanings, water filter replacements, ice bins, ice dispensers and expensive repair costs brings the total cost of ownership of a commercial ice machine much higher than the initial outlay of capital.

We understand all of the unforeseen costs associated with ice machine ownership, that’s why we’ve created a more cost-effective solution for Boston companies that need ice. And most companies depend on ice in some capacity.

Restaurants, hotels, country clubs, schools, corporate facilities, dormitories, hospitals and convenience stores all depend on ice machines and a steady supply of ice at their disposal. A broken commercial ice machine in Boston effects profit and productivity. If you own an ice machine and it breaks you have to find and call a qualified repair person, make arrangements for repairs and purchase bagged ice until the machine is fixed. And, if your ice machine needs repairs on a weekend, holiday or off-hours, you can expect to pay a premium.

Our U.S.-based customer service center is open every day of the year, 24/7 and we never charge extra for repair needs during off-hours, weekends or holidays. If we can’t get one of our skilled technicians to fix the ice maker quickly, Easy Ice still puts ice in your bin free of charge. We call this feature Breakdown Ice. We are so confident of our Hoshizaki ice machines and our service that we provide food-quality bagged ice to our customers until the ice maker is fixed.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is the hub for cultural and political activity in New England. Boston is home to over 617,000 residents and has some of the best institutions of higher learning and hospitals in the nation. Millions of tourist visit Boston each year for it’s history, culture, professional sports teams and convention amenities. What do hospitals, universities, hotels and sports arenas have in common? They all depend on having a commercial ice machine in Boston!

Easy Ice is a national company with a local presence in Boston and the surrounding areas. Need an ice machine in Quincy, Cambridge, Framingham, Peabody or Lowell? Easy Ice is ready to serve your ice needs!