All-inclusive program for commercial ice machines in Boulder.  The best commercial ice machine you’ll Never own!

Companies in Boulder need ice machines to run their businesses.  Restaurants can’t operate without ice.  Convenience stores lose profits quickly if their ice machine isn’t working.  For hospitals, ice can be critical to patient’s health.

If you’re looking for commercial ice machines in Boulder, look no further!  Easy Ice has the ultimate solution to all your ice needs.

We’ve created ice machine subscriptions, which are superior to owning or leasing.

Everyone loves all-inclusive resorts.  The costs are predictable and you have less decisions to make. Our subscriptions are like that. We make life easier for our customers with our simple, yet fully inclusive, ice machine subscriptions.

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest players in the ice industry: Hoshizaki, Ecolab and Reddy Ice. Hoshizaki ice machines are energy-efficient, durable and are manufactured in the United States. Reddy Ice is the country’s largest producer of FDA approved bagged ice.

Since we’ve place thousands of ice machines in companies nationwide, we have buying power that we pass on to our customers. Subscriptions are an affordable, flat-rate as long as you keep our ice machine on property. Predictable pricing on a predictable ice machine.  Our customers love that!

Our subscription approach to commercial ice machines in Boulder is revolutionary!  Why would you want to take on the responsibility of ice machine ownership when we take the financial risk for you?

All-inclusive means you never see unexpected expenses related to your ice machine.  If the machine needs repairs, you simply call our toll-free number and we arrange for service.  If we can’t fix the ice machine quickly, Breakdown Ice comes into play.  When we say we guarantee ice your bin, we mean it!

We’re the only national company with an end-to-end commercial ice machine program.  You’re the expert in your business, we’re the ice machine experts.  Release the responsibility of ice machine ownership to the experts.  Running your business is easier with Easy Ice.

We’re a national company and we have service throughout Colorado, including Boulder.  If you need commercial ice machines in Boulder, we’ve go you covered.  Our subscription service area includes Longmont, Broomfield, Golden, Applewood and Erie.