Simplify your company’s operations in Boynton Beach with a an ice machine subscription!

Is your business looking for a commercial ice maker in Boynton Beach? Your traditional options would be to buy or lease the ice maker, yet Easy Ice has a better solution. Companies throughout Florida are increasingly choosing commercial ice machine subscriptions over buying or leasing.

Why are subscriptions better than leasing or buying ice machines? Predictability and simplicity. Unlike buying a commercial ice maker in Boynton Beach, our subscription program requires no capital and we take full responsibility for the ice making unit. When you buy an ice machine the purchase price is just the beginning of your expenses. Maintenance, cleanings, repairs and water filters will cost you hundreds of dollars each year you own the ice machine. Why would your Boynton Beach business take on those costs when you don’t have to?

For a low, fixed monthly fee Easy Ice will set your Boynton Beach company up with a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine. A small fee is required for professional delivery and installation then from there you just pay a small amount each month for our all-inclusive program. Simple!

For just dollars a day your Boynton Beach business will have a guaranteed supply of ice!

Unlike leasing commercial ice machines, our qualified customers do not sign a long term agreement and pay no penalty for cancellation. Qualified customers pay month-to-month and can cancel at anytime with just 30 days notice. Simple and no hassles! If you were to lease a commercial ice maker in Boynton Beach, you’d be tied to a long term lease (usually 3-5 years) and will pay penalty costs if you break that lease early. Another advantage of ice machine subscriptions over leasing is our Upsizing Program. As your Boynton Beach restaurant or business grow, your ice making capacity can grow with you. Easy!

Our ice machine subscriptions include the ice machine, biannual preventive maintenance (including deep cleaning sanitation), all repairs, standard water filter replacements (2 per year) and free Breakdown Ice. Boynton Beach companies will not find a better value for their ice needs!

Many of our customers are in foodservice: restaurants, school cafeterias, hospitals, university dining halls and caterers. And we also serve many companies throughout the country and in Boynton Beach in other industries. Customer include churches, golf courses, convenience and grocery stores, marinas, office buildings, nursing homes, contractors and freight companies. Our ice machine subscriptions are so affordable, any business that needs ice can afford to have a commercial ice maker in Boynton Beach on site!

Easy Ice is pleased to serve most cities in Florida including Boynton Beach, Miami, Hialeah, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach and Wellington. Since we are a national company, our program is perfect for companies and restaurants with multiple locations.