Affordable, end-to-end solution for all your Cambridge company’s ice needs!

Commercial ice machines are needed in so many Cambridge businesses. Restaurants in Cambridge need ice makers on site.  Hotels and convenience stores depend on commercial ice machines. Universities, corporate facilities, health clubs, hospitals, golf courses and landscapers need commercial ice makers in Cambridge.

So, your company needs a commercial ice machine in Cambridge.  Do you buy, lease or rent an ice machine?  None of the above! Subscriptions are the preferred choice for smart business owners and managers in Cambridge and across the nation!

Subscriptions give you more “bang for your buck” than buying, renting or leasing commercial ice makers in Cambridge.  Our program is Guaranteed! Subscriptions are cost-effective and completely stress and hassle-free.  Isn’t it time you had a simple, smart and stress-free ice machine program for your Cambridge business?

All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions start as low as $4/day for 600lbs ice per day!

Ice machine subscriptions include Hoshizaki ice machines, preventive maintenance, all repairs, Free standard water filters and more for a low, fixed monthly cost.  Subscriptions are flexible, unlike ice machine leases in Cambridge.  Qualified customers don’t sign a term agreement and can cancel their subscription at anytime without penalty!

Flexibility extends to our Upsizing Program.  As your Cambridge business grows, your ice making capability can grow too. A one-time charge and we’ll swap out the ice machine for a larger unit.  If you buy a commercial ice maker, you don’t have this option.  If you lease or rent, you’ll pay a penalty for not completing your agreement.  At Easy Ice, we don’t think you should be penalized for your success!

Buying commercial ice makers in Cambridge is not a good use of capital.  Imagine what you could do to enhance your business with the thousands of dollars you’d spend buying an ice machine? With a subscription, we buy the ice machines for you and fully maintain them.  This gives our customers in Cambridge and across the nation more time to run their businesses — not fuss with ice machines!

Our subscribers receive the best ice making products and repair/maintenance service in the industry.  We’ve partnered with powerhouses Hoshizaki, Ecolab and Reddy Ice to ensure our customers always have ice when they need it.

No Hidden Costs! We handle the maintenance and repairs.  No charge for biannual maintenance.  No cost for biannual deep cleaning of the ice makers.  No fees for repairs — parts and labor are Free!  No cost for standard water filters (2 Free standard water filters per year!).

Eliminate the costs and hassles of commercial ice machines with a subscription!  We’re revolutionizing the way companies in Cambridge and throughout Massachusetts provide their customers and employees with ice.

Call us today if you need commercial ice makers in Cambridge, Boston, Newton, Everett, Brookline, Medford, Watertown or Revere.