Affordable commercial ice makers in Carrollton are available!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Carrollton!  We’re the only nationwide company that provides an all-inclusive ice machine solution and we have service in Carrollton.

Nearly every business in Carrollton has need for ice, either for their customers or employees.  We’ve developed the most efficient and affordable program for ice machines.  Our commercial ice machine subscriptions are better than owning and require No Capital.

Subscriptions for commercial ice makers in Carrollton are cost-effective and a better choice than leasing ice machines.  For qualified customers, our standard models don’t require a long-term commitment and can cancel their subscription without penalty! You won’t find an ice machine lease in Carrollton with terms like this!

Affordable. Reliable. Simple!  Our ice machine subscriptions are a smarter choice than leasing or owning commercial ice makers in Carrollton!

Carrollton companies depend on ice year round, not just in hot months.  Subscriptions from Easy Ice take the worry and stress of supplying ice off of your shoulders.  We have a team of professionals who will maintain and repair the ice machines.  Preventive maintenance and repairs to the ice machine are included.  That means never seeing an ice machine repair bill again!

Easy Ice is partners with Reddy Ice and Ecolab — two of the biggest names in the ice making industry.  Ecolab and Reddy Ice help us provide exceptional service for our ice machine customers across the country and in Carrollton.

We’re a national company and have placed thousands of ice machines into companies across the nation. Needless to say, we purchase a lot of Hoshizaki commercial ice machines!  Our buying power allows us to pass those savings along to our customers. Subscriptions are affordable and fixed as long as you have the ice machine on site.

Subscriptions cover all ice machine repairs and maintenance.  Plus, all standard water filter replacements are Free!  Our technicians replace water filters during biannual maintenance visits to your Carrollton location.  They also completely deep clean the ice machines.  And these maintenance calls are pre-scheduled and complimentary!

We stand by the reliability of our Hoshizaki ice machines.  We maintain them per manufacturer’s recommendations.  But if the ice machine should break and need repair, our customers are still assured of ice machines in their bins. If we can’t fix the ice maker quickly, our customers receive Breakdown Ice.  Breakdown Ice is bagged ice until the ice machine is fixed.

Subscriptions are the fastest growing piece of the ice machine industry, and Easy Ice is leading the pack.  Smart business owners throughout Georgia and in Carrollton are choosing our subscriptions over buying, renting or leasing commercial ice machines.

Hotels and restaurants in Carrollton need commercial ice makers on site.  So do churches, health clubs, convenience stores, hospitals and schools.  If your Carrollton business needs a commercial ice machine, Easy Ice is simply the smartest solution.  Our hassle-free subscriptions are perfect for any Carrollton company that needs ice.

We have service all over the U.S., Georgia and the greater Atlanta area.  If you need commercial ice makers in Carrollton, Douglasville, Peachtree City, East Point, College Park or Cedartown give us a call!