The nation’s only all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Castle Rock, Colorado!

Castle Rock businesses depend on ice to serve their customers and employees.  If your business needs ice, chances are you have a commercial ice maker on site.  Restaurants, health clubs, hotels, hospitals, contractors and schools have commercial ice machines in Castle Rock.  So do churches, golf courses, convenience stores and corporate facilities.

Until Easy Ice developed the subscription model for commercial ice machines in Castle Rock you’re only choices were to buy or lease.  Buying an ice maker adds unpredictable expenses to your budget.  When you buy it, you’re completely responsible for all upkeep and repairs.  Maintenance is costly.  Water filters need to be replace every 6 months and they’re expensive.  Then you have ice machine repairs.  Repairs are inevitable, unpredictable and expensive!  Wouldn’t your Castle Rock business prefer a stable, predictable price for ice month after month?

Subscriptions eliminate the unpredictable nature of ice machines! Even if they break down, we’ve got you covered!

With an Easy Ice subscription, we purchase the commercial ice machines for you.  We take the financial risk for our customers so you can spend money and time on things that really matter.  Just because your company in Castle Rock needs ice, doesn’t mean you need to own the ice machine!  In fact, celebrity chef Robert Irvine advises against owning commercial ice makers in favor of our ice machine subscriptions.

Subscriptions are affordable and completely hassle-free!  Our low monthly prices are fixed, meaning you pay the same price each month as long as you have our ice machine at your Castle Rock company’s site.  Never before have Castle Rock companies been able to accurately budget for ice.

We outfit our customers with state of the art Hoshizaki commercial ice makers.  Our ice machine subscriptions cover all maintenance and repairs.  Our partnerships with Ecolab and Reddy Ice allow us to provide exceptional service wherever you are in the continental U.S.  Easy Ice is the only company that offers ice machine subscriptions nationally.

We pay for standard water filter replacements, deep cleanings and routine maintenance twice a year.  We keep track of all maintenance, repairs and water filter changes for you.  This comes in handy when the health inspector is coming to check the commercial ice machines in Castle Rock.  There’s never been a hassle-free solution to your Castle Rock business’s ice needs until subscriptions.

Subscriptions give you flexibility you won’t find in an ice machine lease.  Our customers can upgrade equipment (without penalty!).  We call this our Upsizing Program.  And most customers (qualified customers) don’t have to sign a term lease.  Subscriptions offer the ultimate flexibility and predictability to companies in Castle Rock and across the nation who need ice!

Easy Ice service extends throughout the Denver metro area including Castle Rock, Parker, Centennial, Castlewood, Lakewood, Littleton and Columbine.