Best value on a commercial ice machine in Central Florida! All-inclusive. No capital!

Businesses in Central Florida need ice and depend on commercial ice machines.  From Orlando to Cape Canaveral, Tampa to St. Petersburg companies need ice for their customers, guests and employees.

Millions of visitors travel to Central Florida every year for vacation and business.  And in a warm climate like Central Florida has, visitors expect ice wherever they go.  Increasingly, companies that rely on ice are turning to ice machine subscriptions instead of buying or leasing commercial ice makers.

Easy Ice is the only national company offering all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions with presence throughout Central Florida. Subscriptions are the fastest growing segment of the ice machine industry.  Subscriptions offer better value than buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Central Florida!  We handle all of the repairs and maintenance.  And there are no hidden expenses!

Our reasonable prices are fixed, meaning your Central Florida business has a fixed price for ice month after month.  If the ice machine breaks down and needs repair, you pay the same price. Repairs and maintenance to the commercial ice machines are covered!  Standard water filters are Complimentary!  Subscriptions offer you the simplest solution to the ice needs of your Central Florida business.

Ice machine subscriptions are the ultimate end-to-end solution for Central Florida businesses that depend on a reliable source of ice!

Subscriptions are affordably priced and the cost is predictable.  If you’ve ever owned a commercial ice machine in Central Florida you know there are no predictable costs.  When you buy an ice machine, the purchase price is only the beginning of your expenses.  Costs associated with buying an ice machine, beyond the purchase price, include:

  • Interest and terms (if you didn’t outlay a chunk of capital to buy outright).
  • Routine preventive maintenance. Manufacturer recommended and extends life of ice machine.
  • Thorough and professional cleanings, which must be performed on the ice maker regularly .
  • Water filters – replaced at minimum every 6 months for clean, safe ice.
  • Repairs… arg, the repairs! You never know when an ice maker may act up and repairs vary widely in cost. Repair expenses are completely unpredictable.
  • Replacement ice. When the ice machine is broken and you still need ice, you’re paying for bagged ice at retail price.
  • Time. How much is your time worth? When you buy a commercial ice maker, you’re completely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep….and that takes time.

We provide our customers with state of the art commercial ice machines from Hoshizaki.  Hoshizaki is the world’s largest manufacturer of ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers.  Hoshizaki’s ice makers are manufactured in the U.S. and are durable and reliable.

Ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are simply… simple!  You provide the water, drainage and electricity, and we take care of the rest!  If the ice machine breaks, you simply call our toll-free number (24/7) and we dispatch a technician at No Charge to your Central Florida location.  If we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, we provide you with Breakdown Ice — for Free!  All preventive maintenance and standard water filters are Free!

Reddy Ice and Ecolab help us serve customers throughout the country and in Central Florida.  With a commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice,  you’re getting some of the biggest names in the industry on your side!

We’re ready to bring you the program for the easiest commercial ice machine in Central Florida!  Call us today if you need commercial ice makers in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Leesburg, New Smyrna Beach, Ocala, Palm Bay or anywhere in Central Florida.