All-inclusive, affordable option to buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Costa Mesa!

Your company in Costa Mesa needs ice, but do you need to own the ice machine?  No!  Commercial ice machines are expensive to buy and costly to maintain and repair.  The last thing your Costa Mesa company needs is an expensive piece of equipment that will incur unpredictable costs for years.

Leasing a commercial ice machine in Costa Mesa is an alternative to buying, but leasing has it’s problems too.  A typical ice machine lease in Costa Mesa will tie you into a long-term commitment and may have add on costs.  Does your leasing company cover all repairs? Maintenance?  What about the costs for water filters?  Who pays for those?

The best choice for companies in Costa Mesa that need ice is an all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice. We buy the ice machines for you and take responsibility for it throughout it’s lifetime.  Since we own the ice makers, we’re motivated to take very good care of them.  Commercial ice machine subscriptions are affordable, simple and stress-free!

No Capital.  No Hassle.  Just Ice!  Know what you’re going to pay for your ice supply every month.  No hidden costs!

A subscription for a commercial ice machine in Costa Mesa is different than leasing or renting one. Our qualified customers don’t have to sign a longterm agreement and can cancel without penalty, unlike an ice machine lease.  Renting ice makers in Costa Mesa may get you a used or substandard unit.  Both leasing and renting ice machines usually leaves you on the hook for maintenance and repairs.

Our end-to-end ice machine program covers maintenance, repairs, deep cleanings, water filters, replacement ice and more!  All for a low monthly fee.  By taking responsibility for the health of the ice machines, we save our customers money, time and stress!

We only use Hoshizaki ice machines.  Hoshizaki manufactures their commercial ice makers in the US and they’re durable and energy-efficient.  We’ve purchased literally thousands of ice machines for customers across the nation and in Costa Mesa and Hoshizaki is the brand we trust.

To keep the Hoshizaki ice machine running at it’s best, your subscription covers 2 preventive maintenance visits per year.  We’ll send a technician to your Costa Mesa location to inspect and deep clean the ice machine.  Our tech will replace the water filters too and standard water filters are Free.

We have partnered with Ecolab and Reddy Ice to bring out subscribers in Costa Mesa (and the Los Angeles area) the best service and replacement ice available.  Repairs to the commercial ice machine in Costa Mesa are included (parts and labor).  As an added bonus, we provide our customers with Free Breakdown Ice if we’re unable to repair an ice machine in a reasonable time.

With an Easy Ice subscription, your Costa Mesa will always have ice in the bin for a low monthly fee!

We’re proud to serve the greater Los Angeles area including Costa Mesa.  Call today if you need commercial ice machines in Anaheim, Fullerton, Long Beach, Ontario, Irvine, Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa.