All the ice you need guaranteed!

Are you searching for a commercial ice maker for your business in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Look no further! Easy Ice has your ultimate ice machine and ice supply solution with No Capital!  All of for a low monthly price!

Easy Ice has created a revolutionary business model that provides you with Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, repairs, water filters and many more benefits for an affordable, fixed monthly fee. No other national company has a comprehensive ice machine solution like Easy Ice!

We call our ice machine offering “subscriptions” because our program is different than leasing or renting. Our no deposit, no risk program makes Easy Ice subscriptions more flexible than leasing or renting commercial ice machines in Fort Lauderdale.  Qualifying customers in Fort Lauderdale don’t sign any term agreement!  And can cancel their ice machine subscription without penalty fees with only 30 days notice.  You’ll have a hard time finding a commercial ice maker lease in Fort Lauderdale with these benefits!

Fort Lauderdale business owners know that ice machine ownership is expensive and ice makers require close monitoring. Commercial ice machines in Fort Lauderdale must receive frequent cleanings and maintenance to perform at their best. If you own an ice machine, you are responsible for finding and hiring a qualified technician to perform the work. And expect some expensive repair bills.

Easy Ice subscriptions include all preventive maintenance and cleanings saving our customers money, time and loss of productivity.

Our highly trained technicians also replace the ice machine’s water filters twice per year. All standard water filters are free with an Easy Ice subscription. Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, all maintenance, cleanings, water filters, all repairs, flexibility and free replacement ice are all included in our subscriptions. Easy Ice subscriptions are simply better and more inclusive than ice machine leases or rentals in Fort Lauderdale!

Hoshizaki ice bins and ice dispensers are also available for a small additional monthly fee.

Reliable. Flexible. Simple. That’s why smart business owners are choosing the Easy Ice solution for their ice machine needs over owning, leasing or renting commercial ice machines in Fort Lauderdale.

Tourists come to Fort Lauderdale for it’s tropical climate and temperate weather, not for ice. But if your commercial ice machine isn’t working properly, your restaurant, hotel, corporate facility or golf course guests will have a poor experience. Convenience stores in Fort Lauderdale cannot survive without a well maintained and well performing ice maker. Soda from soda fountains is a huge source of revenue for convenience stores. A broken ice machine or ice dispenser is profit lost.

Easy Ice 100% guarantees the lifetime of our ice makers and promises you will always have a steady supply of food-grade quality ice at your Fort Lauderdale business.  Reddy Ice helps us provide our Fort Lauderdale customers with Free Breakdown Ice if we can’t repair an ice machine quickly.

Fort Lauderdale and cities throughout Florida have the opportunity to partner with Easy Ice for their commercial ice machines. So if you need an ice maker in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Hialeah or North Miami, Easy Ice is the practical choice.

Easy Ice gives you the time to deal with the revenue-generating aspects of your Fort Lauderdale business, and we take care of the ice.