Best commercial ice machine solution for your Fountain business!

Your Fountain Colorado business needs a commercial ice maker on site, but you don’t need to buy it!  Companies across the nation and in Fountain are tired of wasting precious capital buying ice machines. As Chef Robert Irvine says “I’ll never own a commercial ice machine again”!  Why? Because ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are the smarter choice.

Easy Ice will send a technician to your Fountain location for a free onsite survey and estimate. We help our customers select the right type and size commercial ice makers in Fountain for their specific needs.  Need big, square cubes for your bar or restaurant in Fountain? We have those. Maybe you need a flaker ice maker for your hospital, sushi bar or grocery display — we have those too.  What about ice & water dispensers for office?  No problem!  Whatever industry you’re in, if you need a steady supply of ice in Fountain, Easy Ice is your answer!

For a low monthly fee, Easy Ice will purchase the commercial ice makers in Fountain and fully maintain them.  No stress, no hidden fees!

Predictable price… predictable ice. Ice in your bin, guaranteed!

You might be wondering “what’s the difference between a subscription and leasing an ice machine in Fountain”?  A typical ice machine lease requires a long-term commitment , usually 3-5 years.  Subscribing to commercial ice makers in Fountain through Easy Ice is month-to-month for qualifying companies (and most companies meet those qualifications). What if your business grows and in a year you need more ice production? With a lease, you’ll pay hefty fees if they let you upgrade (and most don’t allow upgrades).  With an ice machine subscription, we have an upsizing program for our customers in Fountain.  A small one-time fee and we swap the ice machine for a bigger unit.  Simple!

Our customers only receive Hoshizaki ice making equipment.  Why? Hoshizaki ice machines are more durable than other brands because of their stainless steel construction.  They are energy-efficient and the most reliable ice makers on the market.  Our technicians maintain and repair the ice machines at no cost to you!  Partnerships with Ecolab, Reddy Ice and other 3rd party service companies ensure every customer in Fountain receives the best service.

Twice a year we send a tech to your Fountain location for maintenance and sanitation to the ice machine. We also replace the water filters — standard water filter replacements are Free!  If the ice maker needs repairs, your subscription fee covers that too.  Free labor and parts! And here’s the best part: if we can’t repair the ice machine quickly, we’ll provide you with complimentary Breakdown Ice!

We serve customers throughout Colorado including Fountain, Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Pueblo.