The fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Frederick is a subscription from Easy Ice!

For too long business in Frederick have only been able to buy or lease if they wanted an ice machine.  As a business you need to be able to control your costs.  You need reliable equipment.  And you don’t have time to deal with finding a repair service and bagged ice during a breakdown.

When you buy or lease commercial ice machines in Frederick your equipment isn’t reliable, you can’t control your costs, and you are left with all the hassle during breakdowns.

Subscriptions change this.  For one low fixed monthly payment everything you need for clean, reliable, and affordable ice is include and hassle-free!

The only thing you pay to begin is a onetime nominal setup fee equal to one month’s subscription.  Subscriptions start at just $135 a month.

Hassle-free, risk-free, and capital-free ice machine subscriptions are the #1 choice for thousands of businesses across the country!

Frederick businesses need to spend their money wisely.  A subscription is a wise decision.  When you call Easy Ice you will receive a free estimate and onsite survey.  You will find out how little ice could cost you, not a penny more!

Included in the fixed monthly payment is installation of a Hoshizaki ice machine, bin, and dispenser depending on your business’s needs.  This equipment is the best in the industry and gives you the Made in America quality you trust!

To keep your equipment running properly and producing clean ice we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  This maintenance includes a standard water filter replacement.

Even with the best equipment in the industry and regular maintenance ice machines can still break down.  Easy Ice pays for all repairs which includes parts and labor.  We don’t want you to have any extra bills to pay.

Since your business in Frederick needs ice regardless of whether your ice machine is working or not we pay for Breakdown Ice.  If repair service can’t be out the same day to fix the ice machine we will arrange for ice delivery, or reimburse for you to pick it up.  Just call our service representatives and they will figure out the best option for you!

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, utility companies, schools, and office buildings need ice.  Lease commercial ice machines in Frederick, Middletown, Braddock Heights, Walkersville, Urbana, Germantown, Gaithersburg, and the greater Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.