Commercial ice machines without the costs of ownership for businesses in Gahanna! No risk. All-inclusive. Cost-effective.

So, your business or organization needs a commercial ice machine in Gahanna. Should you buy or lease the ice makers? You need ice for employees and customers, but you can’t charge for it. So why take the financial risk purchasing commercial ice machines for your company?

Actually, there’s an answer that’s more cost-effective than buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Gahanna: Subscribing to them instead.

Easy Ice created the subscription model for ice machines to help company’s just like your’s. Our subscription program guarantees your Gahanna restaurant, school, office or hotel always has a steady supply of ice.

For a minimal monthly fee, we’ll provide you with a top of the line commercial ice machine in Gahanna and handle all maintenance, repairs and cleanings for you. Our subscription offering for ice machines is all-inclusive, simple and stress-free!

For just dollars a day, your Gahanna business will have a seamless supply of ice! Smart business owners throughout the Columbus, Ohio area are choosing ice machine subscriptions over buying or leasing!

Here’s how the Easy Ice program works: Give us a call and one of our team members (Iceologists) will help you determine the right size and type of ice machine best suited for your Gahanna business. If you’re concerned about space or drainage issues, we can send a technician to your location for a free onsite evaluation.

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect ice maker for your ice needs, you may need an ice bin or dispenser as well. Many of our customers already own ice bins from previously owning a commercial ice machine in Gahanna (which they tell us they’ll never do again). That’s why we price ice machines and bins/dispensers separately.

A nominal fee is charged for professional delivery and installation of the ice machine(s). From that point on, you’ll pay the same low, fixed monthly price for your ice machine subscription. Yes, that price is fixed! Even if our base fee increases in a new year, as long as you have the ice machine at your location, you are locked into your original price. Cost-saving & simple!

Every 6 months, we’ll dispatch a technician to your location for a thorough check-up (preventive maintenance) and deep cleaning. During those visits we also change out the water filter. Standard water filters (2 per year) are included in your subscription fee!

What if the ice machine stops working or isn’t producing according to manufacturer’s specs? Just call our toll-free number 24/7 and we’ll arrange for a repair technician to be sent to your Gahanna location. Repairs — labor and parts — are included. No extra costs!

What if we’re unable to repair the ice machine in a timely manner? No problem for Easy Ice customers! We honor our promise to our customers that you’ll always have ice with our Breakdown Ice feature. We’ll provide you with bagged ice, at no charge, until the ice machine is up and running again. Often, we’re able to have bagged ice delivered right to your door. Other times, you’ll buy the bagged ice and we’ll reimburse you. Either way, you will always have ice and pay nothing beyond your low monthly subscription fee!

Now if you decided to buy a commercial ice machine for your Gahanna company, you’d be paying for all maintenance, cleanings, water filters, repairs (expensive!) and replacement ice. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in capital up front. As our customers tell us, owning an ice machine is something they’ll never do again!

Unlike leasing a commercial ice machine in Gahanna, our program does Not charge a cancellation fee for cancellation! And no long-term agreement for qualified customers. An ice machine subscription gives you more flexibility than a traditional lease.

Our customers include restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, office complexes, universities and schools, manufacturing facilities, contractors, hospitals, health clubs, churches and event centers. With our affordable prices, any company or organization that needs ice can afford to have a commercial ice machine on site!

We’re proud to serve the Columbus, Ohio area and neighboring cities including Gahanna, Westerville, Worthington, Dublin and Pickerington.