Simple, affordable ice machine solution for Galveston companies!

If your business needs a new ice machine in Galveston, you’ve landed on the right page!  All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are a smarter choice than buying or leasing a commercial ice maker.

Owning an ice machine is costly.  Maintenance, repairs, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice add up very quickly.  That’s why Easy Ice came up with the revolutionary idea of subscriptions for ice machines.  All-inclusive, no extra costs, reliable and affordable.

Providing your company in Galveston ice for your guests and employees has never been easier!

Galveston sees a lot of tourists each year.  The beaches and heat are enticing and those tourists expect ice.  Ice in their drinks.  Ice machines in their hotels.  Your customers expect clean, safe, food-quality ice.  Our subscriptions guarantee you have ice in the bin!

Commercial ice machines have a lot of moving parts and tend to break periodically.  If an ice machine needs repair and we can’t fix it within 3-6 hours, we provide our customers with free Breakdown Ice.  Breakdown Ice ensures you’ll never have an empty ice bin!

Our commercial ice machine subscriptions have no hidden fees.  Subscriptions are monthly and set at a fixed price as long as you have the machine on site.  Predictable pricing for a predictable ice supply!

We’re a national company with a local presence in Galveston.  We’re happy to serve customers all over Texas.  We have commercial ice machines that are perfect for any industry or application.  Restaurants, fast-food franchises, nightclubs and bars use Easy Ice.  We have ice machines in convenience stores and grocery stores.  Hotels, motels and B&B’s across Texas have Easy Ice subscriptions.  And we also serve hospitals, schools, corporate facilities, landscapers, caterers, golf courses and churches.  Everyone in Texas needs ice!

We’ve partnered with Hoshizaki to bring our customers the finest commercial ice machines available.  Hoshizaki ice makers are long-lasting, durable and made in the U.S.  And most of their ice machines have the Energy Star rating, guaranteeing energy-efficiency.

Savvy business owners and managers have better things to do than worry about their ice machine.  Easy Ice is the smartest choice for Galveston companies that depend on ice.