Most affordable and dependable program for a commercial ice maker in Gilbert!  No capital!  No risk!

Do you own or manage a business in Gilbert that uses a commercial ice maker?  Don’t you wish you had easier and more cost-effective alternative than buying or leasing an ice machine?  You do!  Subscriptions are the fastest growing trend in the industry and we offer ice machine subscriptions in Gilbert.

We’ve created the easiest solution to all your company’s ice needs.  Easy Ice buys the ice machines and we fully maintain them.  To best maintain the ice machines we provide two preventive maintenance calls each year.  Our technicians clean the ice makers and diagnose any potential problems.  We also replace the water filters which is crucial to the health and longevity of the ice machine.  Standard water filters are Free!

Ice machine subscriptions are simple!  Low monthly fee guarantees ice in your bin!

You might think that subscriptions are expensive since we take care of everything.  Surprise — subscriptions are affordable!  And even better, monthly subscription prices are fixed as long as you have our ice machine on site.  Even if we raise our prices, your price stays the same.  We make it easy for businesses in Gilbert, and across the country, to budget their ice expenses.

When you buy a commercial ice maker in Gilbert, you don’t have predictable costs.  Repairs are almost always unexpected. And repairs are always costly.  While you wait for repairs or wait for a part to be ordered, you’re forced to buy bagged ice.  Just because the ice machine is broken doesn’t mean you still don’t need ice.

We’re able to make our 100% guarantee of ice in your bins by providing Breakdown Ice.  If we can’t repair an ice machine in a timely manner, we cover the costs for replacement ice.  That’s Breakdown Ice and it’s free!

Restaurants in Gilbert depend on ice machines.  So do Gilbert hotels, convenience stores, golf courses, health clubs, hospitals and schools.  Regardless of your industry, Easy Ice has the most cost-effective and hassle-free program for a commercial ice maker in Gilbert!

Easy Ice is the only company offering ice machine subscriptions nationally.  We serve customers in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Avondale and Peoria.  Thousands of businesses trust Easy Ice as their ice machine partner, shouldn’t you?