A guaranteed supply of ice without any of the hassles or expenses of ice machine ownership!

All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions available in Grand Prairie!  Subscriptions are the best alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Grand Prairie.  Our ice machine subscriptions are Risk Free and require No Capital!

Easy Ice is the only national company offering comprehensive ice machine subscriptions.  We’ve place thousands of ice machines across the county, throughout Texas and in Grand Prairie.

Leases are restrictive and don’t give businesses the flexibility they need.  Ice machine subscriptions with Easy Ice are flexible!  We don’t require a lease for qualified customers (using standard machines).  Plus, we offer a flexible upgrade/downgrade program with no penalty.

Subscriptions are superior to owning commercial ice machines in Grand Prairie.  It might seem like a good idea to buy an ice machine, but it’s not. Smart business owners in Grand Prairie and across the U.S. are choosing Easy Ice over buying.  Owning an ice machine is expensive and unpredictable.

Subscriptions are affordable and the price is predictable, month after month.  No hidden or added expenses!

Grand Prairie experiences warm weather and businesses depend on ice.  Ice for their customers and guests.  And Ice for their employees.  A reliable source of safe, food-quality ice is imperative for Grand Prairie companies.  Grocery and convenience stores depend on ice for their soda fountains.  Restaurants, nightclubs and bars can’t operate without an ice supply.  As your ice melts, so do your profits.

Easy Ice subscriptions guarantee you always have ice in the bin!  Subscriptions come with all preventive maintenance. This ensures our ice machines are running at their best at all times.  Biannual deep cleanings of the ice machines are also included.

Even with stellar maintenance, ice makers can break and need repair.  Subscriptions include all repairs — parts and labor are Free! When an ice maker goes down, our customers simply call our toll-free number (24/7) and a technician is dispatched.

If we can’t complete the repair in 6 hours, we provide Breakdown Ice. Breakdown Ice is Free and covers the cost of bagged ice.

All maintenance.  All repairs.  Free Breakdown Ice.  Free standard water filters.  Subscriptions get you all this and more for an affordable monthly fee!

We offer subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Grand Prairie.  We serve customers in Irving, Arlington, Grapevine, Cedar Hill, Beford, Duncanville and Dallas.  Smart customers across the Grand Prairie area are trusting their ice needs to Easy Ice.