All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Gwinnett County!  The most affordable hassle-free option!

Does your Gwinnett County business depend on ice?  Have you been frustrated with expensive repair bills on your old ice machine? Have you thought about buying or leasing a new commercial ice machine in Gwinnett?

Ice machines are a tricky piece of equipment.  They are expensive, break down often, and require regular maintenance.  The worst part is that most businesses depend on them for customers or employees.  Without an ice machine your only option would be to buy bagged ice.  At $4 for a 20lbs bag that gets to be very expensive.

What most business owners don’t realize is that subscriptions make ice cheep.  Just $4 a day will get you 600lbs of daily ice making capacity.

When you look at the cost of buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Gwinnett over time you might say that it is a lot cheaper than our subscriptions. But what you forget to include is at least 2 cleanings a year, water filter replacements, and most likely one break or two break downs a year.  Each cleaning and break down will cost you hundreds of dollars out of pocket.  As a business in Gwinnett County how can you plan your expenses if you buy or lease?  You can’t!

Choose the smartest ice machine option available.  Subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Our subscription program works like this.

Call our 24/7 customer support line and we will get you setup with a free estimate and onsite survey.  If you qualify you will only be required to sign a monthly contract with no cancelation fees.  All subscriptions require is a setup fee.  But this nominal fee is just the price of one month’s subscription.  Everything else during install is covered!

With your subscription you’ll receive a Hoshizaki ice machine.  They are the best equipment in the industry and made right here in America!

The fixed monthly fee pays for all repairs.  Repair means both parts and labor.  If your ice maker breaks down your Gwinnett business will most likely still need ice.  That’s why Easy Ice pays for all Breakdown Ice for ice machine related issues.

Since we pay for all repairs and Breakdown Ice we don’t want your ice machine out of service.  Easy Ice schedules and pays for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  Included are standard water filter changes.

If your business outgrows the commercial ice machine in Gwinnett, no worries.  We offer an easy equipment upgrade program that lets you upgrade to larger capacity equipment for only the setup fee on the new ice maker.

Gwinnett County restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, athletic facilities, convenience stores, and office buildings need ice.  Don’t pay more than you have to or deal with any of the hassle buying or leasing.

Our service extends throughout Gwinnett County, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, and the greater Atlanta area.  Call us today, you’ll be happy you did!