All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions in Hayward — No Capital or risk!

Does your company need a new commercial ice machine?  Before you spend a lot of money on buying a commercial ice maker in Hayward or sign on to a long-term lease, you need to know about subscriptions.

Subscriptions for commercial ice makers is a fairly new idea, and Easy Ice developed ice machine subscriptions.  We’re the only national company offering ice maker subscriptions.  Easy Ice is national (we cover all 48 of the lower 48 states) and you can find us all over Northern California and in Hayward.

Our subscriptions are all-inclusive and have No Hidden Fees!  We buy the ice machine for your Hayward business, maintain it and repair it so you never have to worry about ice again.  Our customers can handle the day-to-day operations of their businesses while Easy Ice makes sure there’s always ice in the bin.

Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are simply more affordable than owning or leasing a commercial ice maker in Hayward.  And subscriptions are stress-free!

Your Hayward business needs ice, but you don’t need the costs and hassles of buying an ice machine.  Maintenance, repairs, upkeep, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice are expenses that add up quickly.

Our subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Hayward include all preventive maintenance and repairs!  We deep clean the ice makers twice per year.  And standard water filter replacements are always Free! Subscriptions are money-savers, time-savers and stress-savers.

All sorts of companies in Hayward and the Bay Area are choosing our subscriptions over leasing or buying ice machines.  Restaurants, bars and nightclubs use us.  Hotels, country clubs, golf courses and fitness centers use our ice machine subscriptions.  Hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have ice machine subscriptions.  So do convenience stores, corporate facilities, marinas, schools and churches.  Everyone needs ice, but no one needs hassles!  Isn’t it time your Hayward company stopped worrying about your ice machine and ice supply?

We take the phrase “hassle-free” even farther through our commercial ice maker subscriptions.  We provide Breakdown Ice.  That means if the ice machine needs repair and we can’t fix it in a timely manner, the replacement ice is on our dime!  We do our best to make sure our ice machines are running optimally, but with so many moving parts, sometimes they need repair.  But we’ve got you covered!

If your company in Hayward depends on a supply of ice, you need Easy Ice!  Dependable, affordable, predictable —- simple!

We provide our service offering all over the Bay Area.  If you’re in the East Bay (Hayward, Richmond, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Berkeley, Fremont, Oakland, Albany, etc…), we’ve got you covered!  We have service up and down the Peninsula too.  From Sunnyvale to San Francisco, Santa Cruz to San Mateo, Easy Ice is ready to provide your company with our ice machine subscriptions.