The best commercial ice machine in Huntington Beach you’ll never own!

The place to go for a commercial ice machine in Huntington Beach is Easy Ice! You need a commercial ice maker, but you don’t need the costs associated with owning or leasing.

Easy Ice has developed a revolutionary ice machine subscription service that handles all of your ice needs, end-to-end, for a fixed monthly fee.

After a day of sun and sand, hotel and restaurant customers expect, and need, ice. A faulty ice machine behind the bar can mean the loss of revenue. Ice is a necessity in the restaurant business and if the ice machine breaks, you need to send an employee to purchase bagged ice. That’s loss of productivity, time, profits and wages because of a broken ice machine. Our commercial ice maker subscriptions guarantee you will never have this issue. If you don’t have ice in your bin, the ice is free. It’s that simple with an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription.

When visitors come to Huntington Beach they envision sitting beachside or on their hotel balcony with a cold, ice-filled beverage. This means well-working ice machines are needed on every floor of every hotel and motel in Huntington Beach.

Join the ice machine revolution! Subscriptions start at $135 a month for 600 lbs of ice a day!

Our Hoshizaki ice machines are perfect in hotel settings. Even if you have a maintenance staff, you can’t expect them to be ice machine experts and commercial ice makers require specialized maintenance. With an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice, all of your maintenance, repairs and water filter replacements are taken care of by trained technicians.

So many businesses in Huntington Beach need ice. Imagine the loss of profits when an ice machine and ice dispenser break in a convenience store. Sodas cost pennies for dollars of profit and if the ice maker is broken, that’s money down the drain.

Savvy businesses understand the value of ice for it’s customers and employees, but don’t want the hassle or costs associated with ice machine ownership. That’s why Easy Ice customers turn to our worry-free ice solution.

We promise our customers that the ice machines are performing optimally, or we give them ice for free. It’s no secret that our customers love the simplicity and reliability of their Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions. We have reps and technicians throughout Orange County ready to serve you.

If you need a commercial ice machine in Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana or Mission Viejo, we have the nation’s only 100% hassle-free program!