Jacksonville Ice makers If you’re looking for ice machines in Jacksonville, FL – look no further!

Don’t spend capital on an ice machine with our no-hassle subscriptions.

Finding a quality ice machine in Jacksonville, FL doesn’t have to be difficult. Easy Ice is the only national company that provides commercial ice makers, ice machine repairs, free water filters and many more benefits with no capital or restrictive lease for a low monthly fee!

Thousands of companies across the country, Florida, and in Jacksonville are choosing subscriptions over leasing, buying, or renting commercial ice machines!


Owning a commercial ice machine in Jacksonville is expensive, requiring precious capital and costly, ongoing maintenance and repairs. Leasing an ice maker is restrictive and long-term, giving you no flexibility if your business grows or shrinks. Traditional ice machine rentals in Jacksonville often mean a used or sub-par machine and doesn’t give you the extra benefits of an Easy Ice ice maker subscription.

Easy Ice ice maker subscriptions are all-inclusive and affordable. All our subscriptions include Hoshizaki and Manitowoc commercial ice machines, all preventive maintenance and repairs, free standard water filter replacements, ice bins, dispensers and more.

Jacksonville’s 850,000+ residents need ice for their businesses. If your company needs ice, you need commercial ice machines. Ice is an important factor, and profit maker, for all kinds of businesses in Jacksonville. Any establishment that sells or serves drinks and food needs ice for their soda fountains, behind the bar and in the kitchen.

Ice is key to keeping food fresh and free from contamination. Restaurant and catering kitchens rely on ice to chill sauces and soups. Commercial fishers need ice to keep their catches fresh. Without a top-performing ice machine in Jacksonville, FL, these businesses will incur extra costs by purchasing bagged ice.

Our Breakdown Ice bonus promises you'll have ice in the bin even if the ice machine is not performing. In most geographies' food-grade quality ice is delivered right to your doorstep at No Extra Cost. In areas without delivery service, Easy Ice reimburses its customers for the ice they buy when they are waiting for ice machine repairs.

The military employs over 30,000 active-duty personnel and nearly 20,000 civilians in the Jacksonville area. Easy Ice respects these residents’ commitment to our country and service. We believe in keeping jobs in our country, that’s why our 24/7 customer service center is U.S.-based.

Supplying your business with a guaranteed source of ice has never been easier! Save your capital for revenue-generating activities and leave your ice machine in Jacksonville, FL to us.

Subscription Program Highlights

  • Top Quality Ice Machines, Bins & Dispensers

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

  • All Repairs, Including Parts and Labor

  • Professional Grade Water Filtration System

  • Complementary Breakdown Ice

  • Simple Ice Machine Upgrade Program

  • 30-Day Cancellation for Qualified Customers