Ice machine subscriptions are available in Kansas City!  The nation’s only all-inclusive and affordable solution to all your ice needs!

Many businesses depend on ice and commercial ice machines in Kansas City.  Before you break the bank a new ice maker, consider a commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.

For one low monthly payment, you’ll have everything you need to keep your ice machine in Kansas City running well. We created our program to be all-inclusive, so you know exactly what you owe each month and exactly what it covers – everything!

Our subscriptions are dependable and affordable enough for any business. Regardless of your industry, you can get your business a quality ice machine in Kansas City!

Buying a commercial ice maker in Kansas City is a financial burden you don’t need to take. When you subscribe to us, not only is your rate all-inclusive, but it’s also fixed. So, as long as you’re subscribed, your rate won’t go up. We also provide equipment to you with no upfront capital required. All you pay upfront is a one-time setup fee equal to two months of your subscription rate.

We’ve partnered with two of the industry’s leading brands to ensure that your business receives top-quality equipment. After a free estimate and onsite survey, we’ll send a technician out to install your Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice maker in Kansas City. Twice a year, we’ll service your ice machine as a part of your subscription. We even keep track of visits for you to make it as easy as possible.

Our technicians will thoroughly clean your ice maker in Kansas City during visits, change any standard water filters, and keep an eye out for potential problems. If there is ever an issue, no need to worry. We cover ice maker repairs, including parts and labor, in your subscription at no extra cost.

Any time you need a repair, your business can participate in our Breakdown Ice program. As a part of your subscription, we cover the costs on backup ice until we can get your ice machine in Kansas City fixed. When you subscribe to us, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again.

Easy Ice has helped businesses handle their ice machines better in Kansas City and throughout the Midwest. We offer our quality ice machine service in Kansas and Missouri, giving companies in both states a better option for their ice.  If you need a commercial ice maker in Kansas City, Independence, Gladstone, Liberty, or Raytown, give us a call.  See how a subscription can help your business and contact us today!