Ice machine subscriptions are available in Kansas City!  The nation’s only all-inclusive and affordable solution to all your ice needs!

Many businesses in Kansas City depend on ice and commercial ice makers.  Restaurants and hotels ned ice for their guests. Convenience stores depend on ice for their customers.  Ice machines are crucial to hospitals, corporate facilities, landscapers, golf courses, schools, nursing homes and health clubs.

You may have owned or leased a commercial ice maker in the past.  But now you have a new, and better, option: commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.

Subscriptions are dependable and all-inclusive.  Never see another ice machine repair invoice again!

Buying a commercial ice maker is a big responsibility.  The upfront capital expense is only the beginning of the costs.  Maintenance is expensive.  Repairs are unpredictable and costly.  Water filters must be replace frequently, and that means more money out the door. Plus you have the costs of replacement bagged ice if the ice machine is broken.

All of these expenses add up.  And most of these added expenses are unpredictable, making monthly budgeting difficult.

Easy Ice subscriptions are completely predictable!  Our customers pay a low monthly service fee and we take care of everything.  Smart managers in Kansas City are finding ice machine subscriptions to be a better solution to their ice needs than buying.

Leasing ice makers in Kansas City is another alternative, but leasing has it’s problems too.  Can you be sure you’re getting the best quality ice machine?  Does your lease include all maintenance and repairs?  Does your ice machine lease give you free bagged ice?  What’s the term of your ice machine lease?

Subscriptions are simply better than ice machine leases!  Qualified customers in Kansas City do not have to sign a term lease!  We give our customers the flexibility to cancel or upgrade subscriptions.  Standard ice machine leases do not give you the flexibility you need!

Subscriptions are flexible and term-free (for qualified customers).  You can cancel your ice machine subscription with only 30 days notice and no penalty fee.  And if your business in Kansas City outgrows your ice machine, we can upgrade your equipment with our simple Upsizing Program.

Easy Ice subscriptions are flexible and predictable — the best solution to all your ice needs!

We have service nationwide and throughout Missouri.  If you need a commercial ice maker in Kansas City, Independence, Gladstone, Liberty or Raytown, give us a call!  You’ll be happy you did…