All-inclusive subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Layton are available.  The #1 choice for businesses around the country!

Does your business in Layton need a new ice machine?  Are you tired of paying for expensive repair bills on a nagging problem that doesn’t seem to go away?  Have you been shocked at the cost of bagged ice every time your ice maker has a problem?

Don’t worry, your Layton business is not alone.  Businesses all around the country have been asking these same questions.  Only one solution makes sense to solve all your ice related woes:  Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Subscriptions can give your business 600lbs of daily ice making capacity for only $135 a month!

You can start by calling Easy Ice to receive your free estimate and onsite survey for your Layton location.  If you qualify you will receive your subscription on a monthly contract.  After you pay a setup fee equal to one month’s subscription your installation is covered free of charge.

We only provide customers with the best equipment in the industry, Hoshizaki ice machines, bins, and dispensers!  They have a proven record of reliability and energy efficiency.  We’ve purchased literally thousands of Hoshizaki ice makers for our customers around the U.S. and in Layton.

Our subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Layton include bi-annual preventative maintenance along with two standard water filter replacements.  We take care of scheduling and working with the service techs so you don’t have to worry about it!

If your ice machine breaks down there is one number you call, 866-easyice.  Our call center is available 24/7, 365 days a year!  We will have technicians out to repair your ice maker within 48 hours.  If they can’t be out to your Layton business the same day you call we make sure you have free Breakdown Ice to continue business with no added expense.

If your business grows so can your ice machine.  We have an easy equipment upsizing program that allows you to trade up and only pay the setup fee on the new ice machine.  This allows you to control your costs now and be prepared to handle anything the future may hold!

Buying and leasing a commercial ice maker in Layton simply can’t offer the guarantees or convenience that Easy Ice offers.  When you compare the cost of our service over time and the cost of ownership and leasing during the same period it is virtually the same.  The difference is the added security and benefits you receive from Easy Ice.  Why wouldn’t your Layton business want to subscribe?

Almost every industry needs ice.  Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores, extended care facilities, and schools all need ice. Subscriptions are offered throughout the Layton, Brigham City, Ogden, Orem, Heber City, and Salt Lake City area.  Call us today, you’ll be happy you did!