The fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing ice machines is available in Lynnwood, subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Your Lynnwood businesses depend on ice.  You depend on ice for your employees and your customers.  This is true for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, convenience stores, golf courses, and office buildings.  What’s important for business owners is that you find a reliable and affordable solution to your ice needs.

Until Easy Ice subscriptions, buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in Lynnwood was your only option.  This left you spending thousands upfront or signing an extended contract.  Both options leave you paying hundreds every time your ice machine has a problem.  It also leaves you worrying about when the next cleaning should be scheduled.

Subscriptions take all the expense, hassle, and worry for you.  One low fixed monthly payment covers all the bills.  Subscriptions go above and beyond in every way possible.

Thousands of businesses have switched to commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.  $4 a day can get you 600lbs of daily ice making capacity!

When you begin a subscription the only payment you will have is a onetime nominal setup fee.  This fee is equal to one month’s subscription price.  After that you’re set! One fixed monthly payment covers everything.

If your commercial ice maker in Lynnwood ever breaks down just call Easy Ice.  Our U.S. based 24/7 call center will be ready to help you.  We will alert a technician in your area and they will be out to repair the problem within 48 hours.

If they can’t be out the same day and your ice maker isn’t producing any ice we will pay for breakdown Ice.  With Easy Ice you know your ice bins will never go empty!

Easy Ice pays all the bills.  The more your ice machine is out of service the more money we lose.  Like any business, we don’t like losing money.

That’s why we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  These cleanings help us ensure that the ice machine at your business is always producing safe ice.  We even pay for standard water filter replacements during these cleanings.

Easy Ice only provides customers with the best equipment in the industry.  Hoshizaki ice makers is the brand of choice!

If your Lynnwood business is growing you don’t need to worry about what size ice machine you might need in one or two years.  Easy Ice has an easy equipment upgrade program that lets your ice machine grow with your business!

Easy Ice can provide your business a commercial ice maker in Lynnwood, Woodinville, Redmond, Shoreline, Ballard, and the entire Seattle area.  Call now for your free estimate and onsite survey!