Subscription commercial ice machines are available in Macon! Hassle-free, affordable, and convenient!

Are you considering buying a new commercial ice machine in Macon?  Did you know that buying a commercial ice machines is one of the worst expenditures you can make?  Before you drop thousands of dollars of capital buying an ice machine, you should learn about subscriptions.

Ice machine subscriptions are revolutionizing the way companies across the country and in Macon get a steady supply of ice. Subscriptions are all-inclusive, affordable, hassle-free and simple! Proving clean, safe ice for your employees and customers in Macon has never been easier!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are simply better than buying or leasing.  Buying a commercial ice machine in Macon is Not a good use of your capital.  And leasing a commercial ice machine is restrictive, inflexible and full of penalties.  Easy Ice offers the only 100% all-inclusive and reliable way to supply your company in Macon with ice at an affordable price!

No Hassle! No Capital! Just Ice! Subscriptions are #1 choice for thousands of businesses!

Easy Ice purchases the ice machines for our customers.  We take the capital risk so you don’t have to!  We only buy Hoshizaki ice machines, bins and dispensers because they are durable and dependable.  Plus, Hoshizaki manufactures their equipment right here in Georgia!

Our highly trained technicians maintain the ice machine for you.  We deep clean the equipment every 6 months and replace the water filters (free of charge for standard water filters).  During these maintenance calls, our technicians inspect the ice machine to detect any possible problems.  Preventive maintenance visits are prescheduled for your convenience.

Even with the best maintenance and ice machines, sometimes the equipment goes down.  No worries for Easy Ice customers!  Our ice machine subscriptions cover all repairs.  Parts and labor are included and you’ll Never see another repair invoice again!

Whether your business is in Macon, San Francisco, Detroit or New York City, you receive the same quality service.

Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, churches, golf courses, schools and landscapers in Macon depend on ice machines.  We’re proud to serve customers across all industries.  If you need ice, you need Easy Ice!

We’re the only company that offers end-to-end ice machine subscriptions on a national scale.  We serve customers throughout Georgia and the greater Macon area. If you need a new commercial ice machine in Macon, Perry, Warner Robins, Dublin, Covington, Stockbridge, Conyers or Monroe, give us a call!  You’ll be happy you did!