The nation’s only affordable, end-to-end solution for commercial ice machines in Marin County is available!

Does your company in Marin County need a commercial ice machine on site? You may be thinking of buying an ice maker — before you buy, learn about ice machine subscriptions!

Buying commercial ice machines in Marin County is expensive and risky. You have a large outlay of cash upfront plus years of unpredictable repair and maintenance expenses. Subscriptions eliminate the hassles and costs of ice machine ownership! You have more important things to spend your money on than ice. You need ice, but don’t need the stress and hassles of owning an ice machine.

Chef Robert Irvine doesn’t own the ice machines in his restaurants. Neither do celebrity chefs Marc Murphy or Gordon Ramsay. All of these chefs have chosen Easy Ice subscriptions over buying or leasing commercial ice makers. Why? Because ice machine subscriptions are Simple, Smart and Stress-Free!  Doesn’t your Marin County business deserve a simple, stress-free ice supply?

All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions guarantee you have ice in the bin for an affordable monthly cost!

Customers throughout Marin County and across the country are switching to ice machine subscriptions. Everything you need to maintain a steady supply of clean, safe ice is included in a low monthly fee. If your Marin County business qualifies, you don’t even have to sign a term lease! No Capital. No Risk!

We’ve purchased thousands of ice makers for companies across the U.S. We’ve partnered with Hoshizaki to bring our customers the most reliable and energy-efficient ice machines available.

Ice machine subscriptions include all maintenance and repairs to the Hoshizaki equipment. Preventive maintenance is prescheduled for our customers biannually. If a repair is needed, simply call our U.S.-based Customer Support team. We’re available 24/7, including holidays, to take your call.

If the ice machine needs repair and we can’t get a technician to you quickly, we pick up the tab for bagged ice until it’s fixed. We call this Breakdown Ice and it’s included in your ice machine subscription.

Water filter replacements are free. Deep cleanings of the ice machine every 6 months are free. You pay the low monthly fee each month and you receive an uninterrupted supply of ice.

We have service all over Northern California. From providing commercial ice machines in Marin County to the Napa Valley, San Francisco to San Jose, Oakland to Fremont. Easy Ice is the only company offering commercial ice maker subscriptions on a national scale.