The nation’s only full-service commercial ice machine program is available in Minnetonka!  No capital!  No hassle!

Is your Minnetonka company looking to replace it’s ice machine?  Maybe you’re opening a new business and need a reliable source of ice.  Before spending thousands of dollars in capital buying a commercial ice machine in Minnetonka, you should learn about ice machine subscriptions.

Easy Ice is the only national provider of all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions.  And we’ve recently added service to the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.  It might get cold during the winter in Minnetonka, but your employees and customers still need ice!

Our subscriptions for commercial ice machines is unlike a lease.  Leasing an ice machine in Minnetonka means signing onto a long-term commitment with little to no flexibility.  Subscriptions are more flexible than leasing ice machines in Minnetonka.  Qualified customers do not have to sign any term agreement!  And can cancel their ice machine subscription without penalty fees.  We also offer a simple upsizing program. As your business in Minnetonka grows, so can your ice production.  You shouldn’t be penalized for success!

Ice machine subscriptions are affordable and predictable.  You pay a fixed low monthly fee for all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions.  Your monthly price will not go up as long as you have the ice machine at your Minnetonka location.  Frozen pricing for all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions.  Cool!

Thousands of companies across the country prefer our commercial ice machine program to buying, leasing or renting ice makers.  Getting a commercial ice machine in Minnetonka has never been easier!

Our customers receive the best products and service available in Minnetonka.  We deliver and install a new Hoshizaki ice machine. Hoshizaki is the brand of ice machines we trust.  Their commercial ice makers, ice bins and ice dispensers are durable and energy-efficient.  Plus, Hoshizaki manufactures their ice machines right here in the U.S.A.

Preventive maintenance and repairs are included in your affordable subscription.  Twice a year, we’ll send a technician to your Minnetonka site to inspect the ice machines.  We deep clean the ice maker for you as well as replace the water filters.  There is no charge for standard water filter replacements.

If the ice machine needs attention in between routine maintenance visits, just give our customer support team a call.  We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year to serve you. Our customer support team will dispatch a technician to your Minnetonka location as soon as possible.  If we’re unable to repair an ice machine quickly, our Breakdown Ice program kicks in.  This means you’ll always have ice in the bin at no extra cost!

Does your restaurant need a commercial ice machine in Minnetonka?  We have ice machine models to fit any type of restaurant. In fact, we have ice machines that are perfect for just about any industry.  Our customers include hotels, golf courses, convenience stores, churches, hospitals, health clubs, corporate facilities and events centers.

We have service throughout the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul region.  Give us a call if you need a new commercial ice machine in Minnetonka, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, New Hope, Fridley, Edina, Bloomington or Blaine.