Affordable ice machine subscriptions are available in Naperville!

Subscriptions are a better option for Naperville businesses that need ice than leasing or buy ice machines.  Ice machine subscriptions are affordable, dependable, predictable and flexible.  Compare to renting, buying or leasing a commercial ice machine in Naperville!

Buying a commercial ice maker requires spending precious capital — thousands of dollars out the door at purchase time.  Did you know that the price you pay for the ice machine is only a fraction of the costs over it’s lifetime?  To perform properly, commercial ice machines need routine maintenance.  The ice machines need to be thoroughly cleaned at least twice year.  Water filters need to be replaced frequently.  All of these activities are costly and time draining.

Your time and capital are too valuable to be spending them fussing about maintenance on your commercial ice machine in Naperville!

Our commercial ice machine subscriptions are all-inclusive.  Included in your low monthly fee is all preventive maintenance.  To save our customers time, we preschedule these visits to your Naperville location.  Our technicians check the ice maker for any potential performance issue.  We deep clean the ice makers and we switch out the water filters.  Most of our ice machines use standard water filters and they are Free with a subscription.

We make our best effort to catch issues before they become problems.  But ice machines are fickle pieces of equipment.  In fact, we conducted a survey that named commercial ice makers as the most frustrating piece of kitchen equipment.  That being said, even with routine maintenance, ice machines will break.  No problem if your Naperville company has an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription!  We take care of all repairs to the ice machines.  We procure the parts and pay for them and all labor is free.

What if we can’t repair the ice machine quickly and you still need ice for your Naperville company?  No problem!  We guarantee ice in the bin through our Breakdown Ice benefit.  With our ice machine subscription, you’ll never worry about your ice supply again!  All service, maintenance, Breakdown Ice, water filters and cleanings are included!

And of course your business will receive a top of the line commercial ice machine in Naperville.  We’ve placed thousands of ice makers in companies across the nation and we’ve found Hoshizaki to be the best.  Hoshizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers are durable and manufactured in the U.S.  Most Hoshizaki models carry the EnergyStar rating ensuring energy efficiency.

Easy Ice is the only company offering ice machine subscriptions on a national scale, and we have service in Naperville.  If you own or manage a restaurant in Naperville, Easy Ice subscriptions are the ideal choice.  The same goes for hotels, hospitals, corporate facilities, convenience stores, health clubs and schools.

Our subscriptions will surpass your expectations!  You never knew getting a commercial ice machine in Naperville could be so simple!  We serve all areas in Illinois including Aurora, Darien, Chicago, Downers Grove, Lisle, Wheaton and, of course, Naperville.