The fastest growing ice solution, a subscription, is available in Nassau County!

Can your organization’s current commercial ice machine provider guarantee your organization’s ice production in Nassau County?

Over at Easy Ice we always will! That’s why several entrepreneurs and purchasing professionals around Nassau County are transferring to our company’s No Trouble, Worry F-r-e-e subscription program.

Subscriptions for any & all commercial ice machines are known as the best method to eradicate the troubles, risks and volatile expenditures for any ice supplies. Easy Ice will provide you with brand-new Hoshizaki machines in different sizes that will accommodate your organization’s specifications. We also provide bins & dispensers.

Our subscriptions begin at just 1-5-0 dollars /month to get a commercial ice machine in Nassau County. And all your service fees are paid for that highly affordable monthly price tag. Avoid delivery service expenses. No more installation and setup fees. You can forget fees to get h2o filter systems. You can forget about expenses for the preventive maintenance & cleaning. And the best of all, no surprise repair expenses! We incorporate all of this for just single incredibly low month to month rate.

Easy Ice subscription ice machines start at just $135 a month!

We will guarantee your organization’s ice supplies so we will take remarkably good care of the systems in order to maintain it operating in peak condition. And if your institution’s commercial ice machine in Nassau County fails to produce, we will service them quickly and 100 percent f-r-e-e of charge. And just to make sure your operation will not run short of ice, Easy Ice will bring you without charge backup ice in cases where they aren’t fixed inside of about three – six hours.

100 percent free repair(s). 100 percent free back-up ice. Guaranteed ice source. Where could you hit upon a higher quality agreement than our company’s? Because when you add together all your individual service fees for getting & maintaining/repairing commercial ice machines you’ll realize that our month to month subscription cost is roughly the same as your enterprise’s running costs. And so for no extra price tag and a forecasted monthly rate, we reduce your establishment’s hassles, worries and all the time you have to waste handling your commercial ice machines.

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