No Risk, All-Inclusive commercial ice machine solution for New Hope businesses!

Compare to leasing, renting or buying a commercial ice machine in New Hope.  Our reasonably priced, fully-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are the preferred choice for thousands of companies across the U.S.

Easy Ice is not selling you a product or service — we’re offering your New Hope company a complete ice and ice machine solution for a low monthly price.  No capital required for 100% guaranteed ice machine & ice supply!

Commercial ice machines are a hassle to own.  They are costly to buy, but the upfront outlay of cash is only the beginning of the expenses.  Buying a commercial ice maker for your New Hope business means you’ll have years of unpredictable and costly expenses related to the ice machine.

Subscriptions eliminate the unpredictable expenses you have if you buy a commercial ice machine in New Hope!

Our low monthly ice machine subscription fees cover everything you need to keep your ice bin full with No Extra Costs! Subscriptions are available on a month-to-month basis with the ability to cancel at anytime for qualified customers in New Hope. The majority of our customer qualify for no-term agreements that include penalty free cancelation.

Most leases for a commercial ice machine in New Hope require at least a 3 year commitment and charge you a penalty if you need to cancel early.  Why lease commercial ice makers in New Hope when subscriptions give you more flexibility?

Hoshizaki ice machines are included in you monthly subscription fee.  We’ve chosen Hoshizaki as our manufacturer of choice because their commercial ice makers are durable and energy-efficient.  If you need an ice bin or ice dispenser, those are available for a small additional charge.

Biannual preventive maintenance visits are Free!  Every 6 months we’ll send a technician to your New Hope location. They’ll inspect the ice machines for any potential problems, deep clean the ice machines & replace the water filters. Frequent cleanings and water filter replacements are key to the health and longevity of commercial ice machines.

What if the ice machine stops producing ice?  No problem!  If your business has an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription, your repairs are covered!  Expensive parts and labor are Free!

Sometimes repairs take longer than expected.  With your all-inclusive ice machine subscription we won’t leave you hanging.  Your subscriptions includes Free Breakdown Ice!

Ecolab helps us with servicing the ice machines and Reddy Ice is our partner for replacement ice.  Through our relationships with key players in the industry (Hoshizaki, Reddy Ice and Ecolab) every customer across the nation and in New Hope receive exceptional service.

Hotels in New Hope need commercial ice machines on site.  Restaurants require ice makers.  So do convenience stores, assisted living facilities, golf courses and health clubs, corporate offices and hospitals.

Easy Ice has service in most cities in Minnesota.  Call us today if your company needs a new commercial ice machine in New Hope, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, Crystal, Fridley, Saint Louis Park or Maple Grove.