We’ve made ice machine rental in North Charleston an even better alternative to ownership!

All of your customers deserve an amazing experience at your business, whether they’re hockey fans on their way to watch the Stingrays play, CSU students looking for a place to hang out, or dog lovers coming back from a walk in Wannamaker County Park. Clean ice in their cups might seem too basic a thing to matter, but it’s one of those small details that can make the difference between a satisfied customer and an unsatisfied one. With a high-performing ice machine, you’ll never have to worry about falling short of pleasing your customers—and we’re here to offer you the perfect way to get one.

Longtime local company Hutto Refrigeration has joined Easy Ice to bring the nation’s only all-inclusive ice machine subscription to Charleston and surrounding communities. Don’t settle for a traditional ice machine rental in North Charleston. You can do better!

For one affordable, monthly payment, our subscription gives you:

That’s the best deal on commercial ice equipment you’ll find in South Carolina.

Our subscription saves you money, time, and stress, all while giving you access to the best ice machine service in the industry.

Owning an ice machine is expensive! Sooner or later, it also becomes stressful. Once you’ve purchased the ice maker for thousands of dollars, you’ll have to continue spending money on it for regular maintenance and eventual repairs. Manufacturers strongly recommend their commercial ice equipment be professionally cleaned at least every six months, and sometimes, more frequent cleanings are necessary. A standard ice machine maintenance visit will typically cost you a couple hundred dollars. Ice machine repairs are much pricier, sometimes as much as a couple thousand dollars. Even with the right amount of well-done maintenance, an ice machine will eventually need a part replaced or fixed, due to age and use. And if your ice machine breaks down, you’ll likely have to wait a couple days for the repair—meaning you’ll have no choice but to buy bags of ice in the meantime.

An Easy Ice subscription saves you money upfront and over time. Like any ice machine rental option, it gives you a way around paying the full retail price of the machine all at once. Unlike other rental options, our subscription also helps you save on ice machine maintenance, repairs, and backup ice—because all of it is covered by your monthly payment!

We guarantee two preventive maintenance visits a year at no extra cost, and we never charge you for repairs, no matter how major they are. Our highly trained, experienced technicians will deep clean and inspect the ice machine to the industry gold standard every time. You won’t even have to keep track of the maintenance visits. We do it for you. If the machine ever breaks down, we’ll make sure you have the backup ice you need while waiting for us to complete the repair. We’ve transformed ice machine rental in North Charleston for the benefit of business owners like you.

If you’ve decided to buy an ice machine in North Charleston and feel confident that’s the right move for your business, Easy Ice is still your best source for equipment in town. We sell the same, great brands of commercial ice makers, bins, and dispensers that we feature in our subscription. Whether you know exactly which make and model you want or need help deciding, our sales team is ready to talk to you. Call us when you’re ready!

Already own a commercial ice maker and need a trustworthy service company to take care of it? Look no further. We provide the best ice machine maintenance in North Charleston. Our expert technicians will clean and inspect your ice maker with the same attention to detail they show to our subscription equipment.

If your ice maker has stopped working altogether or if it’s not performing the way it normally does, we can help! We deliver ice machine repair in North Charleston with unmatched expertise. Make an appointment with us and we’ll get your ice machine running at peak performance again in no time.

We proudly work with business owners throughout the Charleston metro area. Our one-of-a-kind ice machine subscription is available in North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Ladson, and beyond. If you’re ready to get started with the smartest ice machine solution, contact us today!