No hassle subscriptions for commercial ice machines in North Las Vegas!  Affordable and convenient!

Does your North Las Vegas business depend on ice for customers and employees?  Are you tired of wasting hundreds, even thousands on ice machine repair bills?  Has ordering bagged ice become a constant chore for you or your managers?

When you buy and lease commercial ice machines in North Las Vegas you are left scheduling and paying for all repairs, bagged ice, and maintenance.  If you use 900lbs of ice a day, at $.50 per pound for delivered ice your business could have a tab of $450 each day your ice machine is broken down.  Are you ready for those kind of bills?

Most businesses aren’t, and that’s why thousands of companies have switched to subscriptions from Easy Ice.

Easy Ice subscriptions start as low as $135 a month for all-inclusive service!  No hidden fees, no added costs.

If you think a subscription is the right option for your North Las Vegas business then call Easy Ice.  When you do we will give you a free ice estimate and onsite survey.  If your business qualifies you can receive a subscription on a monthly contract with no cancelation fees on a 30day notice.

Need repairs?  No problem!  Easy Ice pays for all repairs on your ice machine.  Just call 866-easyice when you have a problem.  Our 24/7 call center is by the phones waiting to help with all your ice related needs.  We will alert a technician and have them out to your business the same day or within 48 hours for repair.

While you are waiting for the technician we will pay the tab on Breakdown Ice.  Be sure to let our customer service representatives know you have no ice left in your bin and they will make arrangements for you.

Since Easy Ice pays all the bills on your North Las Vegas ice machine we don’t want it to breakdown.  Easy Ice will schedule and pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance to ensure you always have clean ice.  These deep cleanings included the replacement of your standard water filter.

Along with regular cleanings we wanted to give you the best equipment and the best service providers.  Easy Ice only uses Hoshizaki ice machines for North Las Vegas businesses.

If Easy Ice can trust paying for repair, maintenance, and Breakdown Ice on thousands of ice machines nationwide you can trust we know what we are doing!

Customers love Easy Ice subscriptions!  The preferred ice solution for thousands of businesses!

Call Easy Ice whether you located in Paradise, Henderson, Boulder City, Overton, Branch, Indian Springs, Las Vegas, or North Las Vegas.  We provide subscriptions to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, convenience stores, casinos, clubs, golf courses, schools, and construction landscape businesses.  Getting commercial ice machines in North Las Vegas has never been easier!